Co-Create through “I AM”

BElieve in YOU

BElieve in YOU

We get asked a lot, “who are you?” “what do YOU do?”… a plethora of people, for a diverse range of reasons……
The MOST IMPORTANT Person YOU answer these questions to, IS YOU!
When using the phrase “I AM”, how YOU CHOOSE to follow those words IS the BEginning of HOW YOU Co-Create YOUr expressed experience of manifest BEingness.

“I AM” statements should BE reserved for EMPOWERING statements of SELF LOVE, building us up and making us FEEL, THINK, BE the Fantabulousness that is WE.

Very helpFull to remember when we speak to our exhaustion or pains, stresses or fears, that we may allow SELF to so DO “outside of” or detached from them~
ie: “there are thoughts of fear appearing on my ‘mind’s screen’ which I wish not to entertain” or,
“my back is feeling achiness that I KNOW I can surpass”
…..reinforcing the temporary state of these conditions whilst NOT identifying SELF with them.

If YOU notice in the second statement for example, instead of saying “I AM feeling achiness”, we purposeFully detach SELF from the pain and attribute it to our physical vessel.

Both the Positive “I AM” statements and these detached temporary statements work to WIRE OUR BRAINS – CREATE POSITIVE NEURAL PATHWAYS, which in return, support these statements and thus motivate, stimulate and inspire us accordingly in our physically manifest, experiential daily lives.

Blessings Sweet Angels
Humbled and Honoured YOUr Presence :)
Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


Journey yOUR Adventure of LOVE's Light with Roni

Journey yOUR Adventure of LOVE's Light with Roni

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