Blessing for a Child

~~~~~in honour of my son, born on this day, 15 years ago at 9:45pm, from my literary compilation, “Radiate Soul Light©™”~~~~~

Roni & Zion

Blessing for a Child

**As inspired by and sung to Zion every night BEfore his adventures in Dream Land.**

May the Universe bless you,
May the Universe love you,
May the Universe grant you,
Peace, Joy, and Happiness.

May your life be filled with,
Compassion, Understanding,
Recognition, Appreciation,

May you have, Longevity, Prosperity,
Health and Wealth, Stability,
Respect, Trust, Pride, Honesty.

May your life be filled with Laughter,
Humour, Comedy.
May you be surrounded by the Love of Friends and Family.
May you treat others with Love, Respect and Understanding.

May you Believe in Yourself.
Have the Will to try Your very best.
Anything you want is possible, if you Believe in Yourself,
And Try your very best, the Universe will do the rest.

May you have Creativity, Adventure, Inspiration,
Spontaneity, Responsibility, Integrity,
Live your life by,
Soul Consciousness.

Always Remember,
Never Forget that,
Mommy Loves You so.
All of my Heart, Mind, Body and Soul,
All that makes me Whole,
Zibee-zoobee-zeebe-zee, Mommy Loves you can’t you see.
Thank-you for Choosing, me to be,
Your mommy,
I Love You.
Yes, you know I do,
Badoopedee, badoopedee, badoopedee-doo.

Although this is a blessing I composed and would sing nightly to my son, [be happy you’re reading it!! hee hee], I would like to dedicate this blessing to all the children of our earth school. I would like to offer this as my universal aspiration for our humanity and all we share this wonderful cosmos with. Up to the “Zibee-zoobee-zeebe-zee” part anyways. Regarding the blessing from the perspective of a parent to their child, I wish to bequeath each of you with a very special request.

The next time you greet your spouse, your lover, your child, your family or friends, remember, labels are merely that, disassociated, stereotypical titles of pre-defined roles. We are all humans, social beings, irrelevant of age, race, religion or nationality.

We each long to be loved, appreciated, acknowledged, and recognized.
We must remember that the love that we longed for and for those of us lucky enough, received from our parents, is the same love that we all continue to seek out and hopefully experience with those we value as intimate within our lives.

We hear much about the importance of ‘good parenting’, yet somehow believe that once we have reached a certain age, we no longer require the gifts from one who has achieved the status of ‘good parent’.  Honey, I’ve got to tell ya, I’m no teenager, and I still turn to my mom and dad for acceptance, approval and love. I still long to be validated by those whom I value the most, to garner recognition that I am important and what I am doing is of value. Even those to whom I go for validation, support and love, my mom and dad for example, still look to their parents, my grandparents, for the same, as do my grandparents to their friends, family, and so the cycle continues.

This does not change.

Yes, we grow older, and hopefully, grow wiser, this does not mean however, that we suddenly no longer require and desire, a life of “compassion and understanding”, of “adventure and inspiration”.

You always hear, in some variation or other, “I am an 18 year old in a 40 year old body.” This is not an isolated feeling.

We never grow up when it comes to the affection and validation that we enjoy from others, that which we thrive upon, when receiving another’s love. We are after all social beings by nature, designed as such so that we may work together, to achieve our greater collective purpose.

And so, I bequeath each of you, the next time you are in the company of an intimate, to regard them with the same love that I have expressed as a parent for her child.

I bequeath unto you all, to regard all people you see, as you would your own child.
To remember yourself as a child, and remember that all others like you, retain the hearts of children.
We all desire the love and affection that we so generously received (hopefully), whilst in the care of our mommies and daddies. Go out into the world and look into the faces of all whom you see, and instead of seeing the years of pains, suffering, victories, and joys, see the child that dwells within. Send them love, as you would so readily a child, intimate or stranger. We don’t seem to discriminate when it comes to showing our affections to children. We don’t seem to hold back our affections, regardless of whether they are an intimate or stranger, of the same race, religion, or nationality.

Let us not hold back from one another as we age, we are still humans, we are still longing for love.
And so, I dedicate this, my “Blessing for a child”, to all the children, the children of the earth, the universe, the divine.

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


Zion Alleister Lipstein-Saffer ~summer 2010

**Zion Alleister Lipstein-Saffer, YOU ARE, ALLways have BEen and ALLways will BE my Greatest Universal BLISSing!!!

Thank YOU
Thank YOU
Thank YOU
my sweet, BEaYOUtyFull, intelligent, caring, compassionate, kind, empathetic, strong, response able, artistic, scientific, creative, ONEderFull, fabYOUlous renaissance angel of LOVE for CHOOSing me to BE yOUR Mommy!!!
_()_ Humbled the Honour…….INFINITELY!!!! _()_

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