Assume the Positive ~ CHOOSE LOVE


KNOWing patience, persistence, determination & commitment are required, that we may “retrain our brains: to


in ALL situations we encounter~which makes it soooo much easier to handle ANY situation, even if we are wrong in our assumption… if coming from a place of SELF LOVE, we can rest easy KNOWing we shall DO that which is in our HIGHest HAPPYness regardless, which once again, IS the MOST BEneficial to ALL~


“Assuming the Positive” does NOT mean ya lay down and let others roll over you….it does NOT mean YOU BEcome a “push over”…..
for in LOVing SELF…..this automatically would NEVER Happen……

FIRST & foremost, YOU would BE respecting YOU and thus would NOT put yOUR SELF in a position where YOU are feeling “less than”, ‘taken advantage of’, etc…..

Of course, the same situation can BE interpreted in an infinite number of ways, for example:
a situation where you are coming from ‘Ego’~ [I shall use the label “Ego” to define “assuming the negative”]~ may BE one in which YOU have interpreted SELF as BEing taken advantage of, and yet, turned around from the other perspective of LOVE, and thus assuming the positive, this same situation BEcome a completely irrelevant experience in one’s life.

Here’s an illustration:
Imagine, 2 kids get a bag of candy… child seemingly tricks the other into giving over 1/2 their share….thus 1 child gets 3/4 and the other 1/4 of their SHAREd candy…..
The child with the 1/4 COULD CHOOSE to see they have BEen taken advantage of…..OR…..that they are NOW saved from ingesting huge amounts of unnecessary sugars that could lead to stomach aches not to mention the weight gain if this BEcomes a habitual BEhaviour.

Thus…… we PERCEIVE, RECEIVE & ultimately RESPOND to any situation CHANGES the VERY situation itSELF, hence our experience thereof.

In LOVing SELF, regardless of how another may interpret the situation to BE – for example in our illustration above one may say: “YOU were totally out-manouvered, bulldozed, taken advantage of, etc…”- HOW YOU have CHOSEn to interpret it IS yOUR experience of it and that’s ALL that matters in the end…….

NOW, imagine for just a moment ~ I KNOW this is a BIGGIE~ EVERYONE, EVERY INDIVIDUAL HUMAN BEing CHOOSing to Assume the Positive, CHOOSing to LOVE SELF & Perceive, Receive, & Respond through LOVE’s Light…..through an Optimistic, caring, compassionate, empathetic point of view……

WOW right??!!!


Well………here’s the Grrrrrrrreat Grrrrrrreat News…..

We don’t have to “IMAGINE” it…….’cuz we EACH have the POWER within US to CHOOSE to BE it, Right NOW…..and to dedicate our SELVes, however long, difficult, repetitive a pathway of retraining it may BE, to RETRAIN our BRAINS out of the illusory FEARS of “ego”, pride, insecurity, image, and into the Light of LOVE which is the TRUE, Natural State of ALL of WE :)

Let us BE the innocent, loving, caring, playFull Children of the Earth School, the Earth Angels Divine WE ARE and enJOY the life upon our Earth School we have BEen GIFTed the Blissing to so DO :)

Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

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