a couple of Pearls of Wisdom to LIGHTen yOUR Day

Positive Thinking, Positive BEing, Positive Receiving


2. Jason Mraz has a NEW mantra


Say it out loud & ask yOUR SELF what ya did DO…..
Start taking notice of what YOU HAVE Accomplished
in yOUR life

3. Focus on what YOU HAVE instead of what YOU do NOT have……
on what YOU did, instead of didn’t, on what IS positive instead of negative

4. Make use of the resources YOU DO have……

5. Take responsibility for where YOU ARE…..
don’t look to blame someone else,
emPOWER yOUR SELF by 1st taking responsibility for what was, what IS and then….
take steps to what YOU WANT to BE

6. EVERY DAY make sure YOU DO at least 1 thing towards accomplishing yOUR goals, towards getting YOU where YOU want to BE….
Plant at least ONE seed and then……
Nurture it, care for it, nourish it…..

7. Ask yOUR SELF regarding those things YOU are upset about, “will I care in 5 yrs?”

8. DO NOT listen to yOUR friends if they are spewing negativity, EVEN IF “well meaning”…..even IF what they say causes a stirring in YOU, creating some FEAR….
acKNOWledge it for what it IS…….NOTHING, ILLUSION,
and then let it go

9. Every day, every minute, every second YOU BREATHE…..
YOU don’t think about it, yet YOU DO IT……

There IS a part of YOU that IS taking care of YOU ALL
the time & YOU have NO conscious awareness of it….

Start TRUSTING in YOU a little more and let go of having to control every little thing…
Relax a little and go with the flow….
RESPOND to life instead of trying to control it…….
Try it for an hour, a day a week and see what happens.

10. When yar really feeling like sh@t, when ya can’t shake the feeling, the negativity,
IF necessary……..go to sleep……
Nothing remains the same,
the only constant IS change….
the feeling WILL pass!!
it’s just a feeling……..

Sending forth Positive Energy for yOUR HIGHest HAPPYness manifest in our eternal NOW upon ALL levels of yOUR multi-dimensional BEingness.

Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

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