WOW!! What a Day, June 25, 2009


WOW!! What a day!

June 25, 2009
The Day is 7, a Day of Heightened Spiritual Transcending EnLIGHTenment.
The Date is 6, a Day of LOVE

And on this day, two icons have transcended their physically manifest BEingness into their Light, another has BEen rumoured to have so done and soooo many many many more have BEen brutalized, attacked and otherwise robbed short of their own physical manifested BEingness in Iran.

WOW! What a day!
And here in Toronto, Canada, we are in the midst of celebrating PRIDE week, a celebration of BEingness, of LOVE.

Farrah Fawcett

The loss of Farrah Fawcett, after having just read of Ryan O’Neal’s gleeFull announcement that she finally, after 20++ years, had agreed to his proposal of marriage, was heart wrenching.


The loss of Michael Jackson, so suddenly, so completely out of the blue, after having just read of a recent outing with his young children, walking in public, unmasked for the first time, and the announcement of a new world tour, well, SHOCKing to say the least.

I do NOT consider mySELF to be old, aging or otherwise “past my prime”, but then again, I don’t consider my parent’s to BE either!! I am NOT a “BEliever” in the necessity of “growing old”. Growing, YES! Transcending, enlightening, Wisening, YES!

And yet, watching all these icons of my youth transcend from physical BEingness has definitely reminded me of a life, my life, now past……past, what seems so very long ago, that is feels like a lifetime ago…. Weird how that happens…… naturally….as we are busy living our lives, going through all the stages we go through, once we have so gone through, are, well, through.

I must admit, ‘tis a good day to transcend if one is to so DO, from their physical BEingness….in that it IS a day of heightened Spiritual EnLIGHTenment and LOVE, wouldn’t ya say?

The entire experience allows us the moment to reflect upon that which has BEen and to relish in that which IS!

How AMAZING to see, ALL the people GLOBALLY, uniting together in words of LOVE and Light.
How very EASY it is for ALL of WE to so DO……
Someone transcending from their physical form into their Light BEingness is not something new, and yet, look at the marvelous responses it conjures!
ANYthing can conjure such LOVE, if ONLY we CHOOSE it to so DO!

WE are the majority, WE the people, the Earth Angels of this Blessed Earth School of ours, are HERE, NOW, and together our ENERGY can manifest ANYthing!!! ANYthing!


There are countless numbers suffering around our globe, from the globally recognized innocents in Iran to the countless unKNOWn innocents around our world, and WE HAVE the POWER to CHANGE ALL of this!

Our world is currently run by a VERY FEW select individuals in ratio to the ALL of WE, and there energies combined do NOT a candle shine in comparison to ALL of WE!

We ALL want to live in Peace, LOVE and Harmony. We ALL want to BE Happy, Fulfilled and FREE.
It is the occurrence of such events that give us the opportunity to UNITE together and Fulfill our Destiny. It is these occurrences, from the unmasking of government conspiracies, to the transcending of those whom have affected so many of we, that give rise to Change.

It is simply a matter of OUR CHOOSing to BE part of that change, from within our own little “piece of the pie” we CAN create MASS CHANGE. We have sooo many tools at our disposal.
Spread TRUTH.
Emanate LOVE in YOUr BEingness.
Smile at strangers, hug LOVEd ones, BE LOVE.
Recycle, Reuse, Reduce.
Be the BEST YOU, YOU can BE.

If we ALL gather together and do so, the changes we desire, we shall SEE!

We ALLready are, you can see it, hear it and feel it……it’s ALL around, and it’s growing exponentially!
There is no need to cause a riot, give up your house and home, change occurs with the little CHOICEs we make, each and every minute of each of every NOW, affecting ALL exponentially.
We ARE ONE Universal Family, all connected, all affected, ALL, ONE.

Blessedly BE Sweet Angels

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10 Replies to WOW!! What a Day, June 25, 2009

  1. Pat says:

    Iranian revolution ends peacefully with death of Michael Jackson
    WASHINGTON – White House and State Department officials declared the unrest in Iran over today, citing the abrupt discontinuation of all news coverage about the civil strife in the troubled theocratic state and crediting the untimely demise of demon-plagued pop star Michael Jackson as the catalyst.
    “We’ve not received a single report of any unpleasantries since …

  2. brain says:

    ohhhhhh how LOVEly ‘twould BE for one event of LOVE’s Light to completely end all such strife…..
    ohhhhh how LOVEly ‘twould BE……

  3. Jonathann says:

    Michael Jackson is truly the King of Pop. He made a lot of great songs in the area of Pop Music. His death is a great loss to the music industry.

  4. brain says:

    AMAZING isn’t it??!!
    One Man
    not even physically living
    STOPped an entire War……..
    A Man of MUSIC
    soothed the rifle ridden fingers to tap to a new beat
    just like that……

    Goes to show
    ALL those who say,
    “it can’t BE DOne”,
    YES IT CAN BE!!!!

    A baby DOes not, into our world, a killer come.
    A baby has not the ability for such travesties,
    A baby DOes, the ability to LOVE, have abundantly, infinitely~even BEfore their actual conception……

    If focus on one Man of Music can stop a war, imagine if we ALL simply CHOOSE to focus our attention on LOVE…….
    PEACE is NOT a Dream, it is NOT a Utopia
    PEACE is OUR Inherent Birth Right, OUR Inherent BEingness
    it is merely a matter of US BEing TRUTHFull to Whom We ARE

  5. Autumn Washington says:

    i will really miss the King of Pop. michael jackson is truly the best pop artist in this lifetime.’

  6. brain says:

    Michael Jackson will definitely BE missed by many.
    ThankFully he has left with ALL of WE a plethora of Fantabulous CREATIONs of Melodic Harmonies to groove to for millenia to come :)

    Positive Energy sent forth to YOU Sweet Angel for sharing in yOUR experience of BEingness and journeying the adventure through Soul’s Talking Brain :)
    Blessedly BE

  7. Brittny Parlow says:

    I love Michael! I will miss him forever. Every day I sing his hits. He is one of the best entertainers ever!

  8. Kieth Maxin says:

    Its incredibly extremely difficult to think that michael is no more..he was the king of pop.!!!.he’ll stay in my heart permanently.i am his largest fan evr.

  9. Wendell Kaliher says:

    I still cannot believe MJ is has gone. Always loved his tunes. He really was a star. Thanks for this, made my day remembering him.

  10. brain says:

    Thank YOU Wendell, for journeying the adventure through our blog and sharing in yOUR experience of BEingness whilst so DOing ;~)
    BLISSings to YOU for yOUR HIGHest HAPPYness in our eternal NOW!

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