[Video] The Time is NOW!

The Power of NOW

The Time is NOW!
Manifesting our intended reality, in LOVE’s Light for the Benefit of ALL IS happening in this HERE & NOW!!
YOU DO make a difference!!
YOU DO have a VOICE, the ability to affectively and effectively Create the Change WE ALL want to see!!!
I recently received this petition, ( http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/248704259 ) and the fabulous opportunity to share my voice in our United Effort, amongst many of today’s Enlightenment Leaders, to promote Positive Change and Manifestation of LOVE’s Light for the Benefit of ALL.

My commentary, {slightly expanded upon herein} which accompanied my signature on the petition, follows below. I encourage each and every ONE to take advantage of this opportunity and add YOUr Voice, thoughts, feelings to this petition, as well as any other ACTions of like mind and love you are so able to.

Let it BE WE, the voice of ALL, whom are heard and whose Light of LOVE is ACTed upon for the Benefit of ALL of WE, ONE UNIVERSAL FAMILY!!!
Our time is NOW!

I have read through the Conscious Evolution Pledge, and would like to, in my humble BEingness as ONE amongst ALL, add the following:


A Compassionate and Cooperative Approach to Living:

Many have and many more are becoming aware of the activities of the “NWO”, otherwise KNOWn as the New World Order.
This is NOT a “compassionate and cooperative approach to living” and stands for exactly what we DO NOT want to see, furthering manifesting and affecting the majority of WE and the means by which we live our daily lives.

heart-peopleA Compassionate & Cooperative Approach to Living is a World of Respect, Freedom and LOVE. It is a world UNITED FREELY existing within a RESOURCE based Global Society SHARING ALL with ALL……
We hear it often, though it is countered far too frequently, in the media and by our politicians, through horrific FEAR tactics, that THERE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH to PROVIDE FOR EVERYONE’s needs!!
This is TRUTH!
This is what it means to live in a Resource Based Global Society.

It is time to tear down the barriers of delineation, outlining cities, communities, countries and recognize that we are a GLOBAL Society, WE ARE ONE Universal Family, regardless of geographical location. Together, United, we can and we WILL provide for ALL.
There IS enough for EVERY ONE!!!


we MUST get back to a more NATURAL means of existing and Living TOGETHER.

Educating for an Evolving Consciousness:

Evolving Consciousness…..translates to BEing AWARE of SELF…..
circle-wordsWe MUST steer away from the predetermined limiting “boxes” of our current educational system and start focusing on developing our NATURAL SKILLS, those that come from within EACH INDIVIDUAL, for within EACH of WE, is a UNIQUE GIFT awaiting fostering and LOVE.
Our Educational Systems need to focus MORE on LIVING in UNITY as opposed to Competition & enslavement, memorization, grades, and labeling which serve only to “box” us into predetermined categories in accord to ONE view point of that which is “good” or “bad”. We need to focus our attentions on educational techniques that increase our INNATE extra sensory perceptual abilities, LOVE, & the FREEdom to explore one’s own intrinsically innate abilities, as this is why we have come to our Earth School, to share our Gifts, with ALL!!

We have focused much of our Global attentions on increasing and evolving our technological understanding and abilities.
Ponder this:
If we ALL were taught and assisted to manifest and hone our intrinsic extra sensory abilities, such as telepathy, teleportation, psychic abilities, would we really need all these technological advances we have all BEcome so very dependent upon??

Restoring Ecological Balance:

whether Global Warming is an issue created by humans or not, there exists NO NEGATIVES in promoting a life of respect and honour for our Mother Earth Gaia,……one of increased awareness as to the how’s one may be more respectfull and loving, as we should and shall, ONE ANOTHER.
There are currently bills before government that are promoting RIDICULOUS TAXING in the name of Global Warming…this does NOTHING but deplete the majority for the profit of the few….with appropriate educational campaigns, as has allready been witnessed, we as a GLOBAL SOCIETY, WITHOUT additional financial tax burdens have PROVEN our abilities to UNITE and Create Positive Change.

Encouraging Conscious Media:

Our media outlets need to get out of the hands of the corporations and back into the hands of the people……
Our media outlets need to propagate a POSITIVE MIND SET, not one that is weighing down the people in fear, guilt, doubt and insecurities, but one that builds ALL up to KNOW the BEauty that is their Miraculous BEing……From News to Movies, we need to refocus our attentions on the POSITIVES and the Opportunities to Create more positives – a SMILE can transform an individual’s entire day, imagine what constant positive reinforcement from our largest influential information resource, the media could do!!

Engaging in Social and Political Transformation & Working for Integrity in Commerce:

WE THE PEOPLE do NOT need to be policed, we need to BE FREEly United in LOVE…we need to move away from the imprisoning system of economy that has enslaved the majority of we, for centuries, and move towards a more REsource Based Global Society in which we share that which we have with one another- everyone has something to contribute to our Earth School and each individual’s contribution should be honoured for the Gift it is….TOGETHER, Cooperatively, WE CAN & WE WILL Create change Globally for the Benefit of ALL!!

Promoting Health and Healing:

Again….our educational systems need to start promoting the intrinsic abilities within each of we to find all the health, healing and life answers to happiness WITHIN SELF….we need to focus our educational systems more on the individual providing that which is required through SELF AWARENESS as opposed to a reliance on outside expensive factors which are often times unnecessary and full of extraneous extreme risks….
We have the power WITHIN to HEAL ALL!

We ARE a Global Society!! We are ALL one amongst the ALL that is the Human Race. It is our connection that we need focus on, realizing that our diversities are but stunning reflections of the enormous potentials and possibilities for what it is to BE HUMAN….we are one in the same, each a unique vibrational frequency of our WHOLE BEingness.

Blessedly BE
Radiate Soul Light/roni
In Lak’ech


For those seeking a greater understanding and KNOWledge of ACTions BEing taken on our BEhalf by the minority holding positions of Global Power and Affect, please click the link BElow and watch the video in its entirety.
KNOWledge allows for Positive ACTion that we may ensure OUR GLOBAL interests are TRUEly BEing provided for, for ALL members of Our Universal Family.
Please share this video, this post, this petition with ALL!!!
It is TOGETHER that we SHALL, WE ARE Creating the Change we want, we DESERVE, we are EACH entitled to, as the Miraculous BEings of LOVE’s Light, each and Every ONE of WE IS!

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