Pride Week in Toronto


YEAH!!! It’s time to PARTAY!!!

It’s Pride Week in Toronto!
Pride Week commemorates each and every ONE of WE, and our right to BE the “I” we are and more so, to LOVE the I we ARE!
Pride Week celebrates BEing Human, BEing a physically manifested energy configuration of LOVE’s Light in ALL of our BEautiFull colours and expressions thereof.
Pride Week celebrates our ability to LOVE.
Pride Week celebrates our BEauty in BEing. It celebrates women and men, it celebrates the vessels of our souls, the manifestation of our Light and the AWEsomeness of LOVE’s many expressions.

During Pride Week, here in Toronto, millions of individuals come out to celebrate, party and play. It is a time of gleeFull celebration across sexes, races, cultures and generations.

During Pride Week we celebrate our right to BE, to LOVE as LOVE comes naturally.
During Pride Week we celebrate each individual’s non-discriminatory right to express themSELVEs within their LOVE’s Light.

Angel Wings of LOVE

Don’t get me wrong, ‘tis not a celebration of those whose natural tendencies lend themSELVes to overpowering, disrespecting or otherwise taking advantage of another for their own pleasure. It is a celebration of Mutually consenting LOVE.

We are ALL Children of the Earth School.
We are ALL born with natural desires, wants and needs.
Excluding of course, those whom, amongst us, have a natural tendency towards harm unto SELF or others {for this is a very different essay for a completely different time}, we EACH are here to express our Unique Light of LOVE, and none is better or worse, superior or inferior, holier or sacrilege to the other.

img_9068-600x399To claim so, is to belittle, besmirch and otherwise deny the Miracle of SELF. For to stand in judgment of one whom LOVEs differently from SELF, is to stand in judgment of LOVE itSELF.

We are here with ONE another to SHOW, Teach, Express the Multitudes of ways by which we, Children of this Earth School, BEings of LOVE’s Light, manifest physically, can so do in such wondrous multitudes of expression!

WE ARE the Rainbow of magnificent colours we see in the sky, we need only look

pride_toronto_latino_youthto one another to see the “pot of gold” for it is WE whom shines so bright and BEautiFull. It is WE whom are priceless, worthy of abundance, BEyond compare. It is WE whom are the Miracles of Life, of LOVE, we seek out everywhere.

We are ALL ONE, and within each ONE of WE, is reflected ALL, and the magnificence of our multitude of possible reflections.

If YOU want to see a Miracle, if YOU are seeking to experience bliss, look to one another, look to SELF, for ALL that you seek is right BEfore YOUr eyes!

Here’s to Pride Week and all the FABulous gals and guys whom join together to celebrate our Magical BEingness. Here’s to YOU in ALL YOUr Miraculous BEingness and here’s to WE, for BEing such magnificent emanations of LOVE’s Light for ALL to see!


May we see, hear, BE in LOVE’s Light, honour, pride, awe, and glee every single day of every single moment of every single NOW, ALLways!!!

Blessedly BE Sweet Earth Angels in ALL YOUr Magnificent Colours of the Rainbow!!

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