Overcoming Doubts

We tell ourselves what we BElieve, who we are, with our “Mind Conversations” in our Every Now, ALLways!

Our Mind Conversations are how and thus where we focus our ENERGY.

Molecular BEing

This point is KEY!
Our Energy, our Vibration, as directed by our thoughts and feelings, are manifest as a result thereof.

We think certain thoughts, we feel certain emotions and this thinking and feeling CREATEs a VIBRATIONAL ripple of our energies, through out ALL 80 trillion of our cells and emanates OUT into the Universe.

It is VITAL to comprehend this FACT about our Life.
Think about when YOU get really really Happy. Think about the feeling in YOUr BODY, the thoughts in YOUr mind, and again the PHYSICAL REACTION of YOUR body……..it is undeniable!
Some may feel “goosebumps”, whilst others, butterflies in their tummies. Perhaps you get the chills or even the ‘sweats’.
YOUr biorhythmic pulsations are AFFECTed, YOUr HEART RATE is affected…….
YOUr HEART RATE…..YOUr heart BEATS…like a drum, it has a rhythm, it CREATEs a Vibration through out YOUr body.
This affects EVERYTHING!
When YOU are Happy, YOU are thinking Happy Thoughts and FEELing Happy emotions, YOU perceive, receive and respond to external stimuli form a heightened position of Positivity.
The same situation that may otherwise cause YOU distress, is easily sailed through with no resistance.

happinessThis is how we CO-CREATE our life experience. We may NOT “control” EVERYthing, BUT we Control a HUGE part of EVERYthing, in HOW we CHOOSE to perceive, receive and respond.

Much of HOW we CHOOSE to perceive, receive and respond is based upon rote BEhaviour. We are NOT paying attention and BEing AWARE to the situations as they occur, BEing BOTH a participator AND observer thereof.
WHEN we are BOTH, when we are able to BOTH BE involved AND observe our involvement, we are ABLE to CHOOSE in AWAREness HOW we would TRUEly like to perceive, receive and respond.

The difference is a MINUTE adjustment of MIND, of the FOCUS of our mind.

Our “habits” are formed through repetitive thinking and feeling, leading to repetitive ACTion. To “train” our SELVes to BE both the participant and observer, is merely a “retraining” of the mind, the creation of NEW HEALTHY HABITS.

And YES!!! ANYONE CAN DO this!

WE ALL learned how to walk, we ALL learned how to talk, there may have BEen some ‘speed bumps’ along the way, some ‘frustration’ even, however, WE DID IT! And we can DO this as well!

molecules_and_integrationTo retrain the mind, both to be more attentive, more aware, AND to realign SELF within a Positive Mind Set, we simply need to follow the SAME steps we so did, when establishing our negative thought and feeling patterns or HABITS.
How is this DOne?
Just like with walking and talking {we’re PROS at this stuff already!!!} we REPEAT, over and over and over and over and over and over again. We practice, over and over and over and over again. We visualize, imagine, meditate, dream, think, SELF Affirm over and over and over and over again ALL that is Positive, Happiness, Joy, Abundance and LOVE’s Light in our SELVes and our lives.
We feed our SELVes infinite Positivity and LOVE.
EVEN if at first, YOU don’t BElieve it!!!
YES! That’s right, YOU heard/read correctly……EVEN if at first YOU don’t BElieve it.

Tell YOUr SELF ANYthing enough times, and YOU WILL BElieve!!

Perfect example, individuals leading perfectly ‘normal’ lives, who BEcome members of cults, never to be seen or heard from again.
HOW, HOW DOes an intelligent BEing BEcome sooooo COMPLETLEY disoriented and detatched from EVERYthing they have ever KNOWn and BElieved within? How do they STOP BEing them?
Yup! That’s how the cults DO it…..repitition! They live, breathe, eat, drink, sleep the Cult’s mandates, BEliefs until they BEcome them themSELVes.
Same hold TRUE for ALL of WE, raised by our parent’s whom for better or worse, continually told us things about our SELVes. Whether it was, “YOU are AMAZING!! BEautiFull, Intelligent, Fantabulous” or “YOU are stupid, a waste, irresponsible, incapable.”, over time, or shall I more appropriately say, with enough REPITITION, REGARDLESS of whether what they said was TRUE or not, WE BElieved them!

Well, hahney, YOU are in the Driver’s Seat NOW, and YOU TELL YOU, who and what YOU are!!!
CHOOSE LOVE, CHOOSE Happiness, Prosperity, Positive Abundance, Success, Balance, Health, Wisdom……CHOOSE LOVE!!!

BEgin by telling YOUr SELF the Positive Affirmations, for example, YOU may have a fear of spiders, {another may fear debt, relationships, planes, it matters not, it WORKS for aLL} BEgin by telling YOUr SELF:
“I BElieve Spiders are Harmless!”
Then go crazy with that and the countless ways of saying this same SELF Affirming statement, such as “I LOVE Spiders”, “Spiders are FABulous, Friendly Creatures of LOVE”.
Then, build upon this even more with VISUALIZATIONS, see YOUr SELF handling a spider, see it in a POSITIVE Light, see it as a POSITIVE Experience, GO into it, FEEL it- FEEL the experience of NO STRESS, NO FEAR in BEing around Spiders.

Add to this the repetitive statement, “I BElieve……” whether it’s I BElieve Spiders are friendly or I BElieve I am WORTHY of LOVE, I BElieve I AM a Happy Fulfilled individual.
“I BElieve”

Remind YOUr SELF of ALL the FACTs that YOU KNOW, the TRUTH that YOU KNOW, of YOUr make up – WHOM YOU TRUEly are – whom we ALL TRUEly are, and that it is YOU who is in the ‘driver’s seat’, it is YOU whom CREATEs YOUr life, it is YOU whom is response-able in any and every situation you encounter in YOUr life, and then say to YOUr SELF:
“I KNOW!!”

truthEventually, YOU will BElieve it TRUE! We tell our SELVes what we DO and don’t BElieve, what we DO and don’t like, what we DO and don’t accept, whom we are and are not.
We CHOOSE what we think about EVERYTHING!

Thus ANY negative thoughts within our BEingness CAN BE retrained/recalibrated to vibrate at a frequency that is Positive in our thoughts, feeling and BEingness, ALL within/of/through LOVE’s Light!

Try this exercise on for size…
We use the term “I AM” very loosely….in our day to day lives, let’s try herein to use it PURPOSEFULLY, with intentional direction towards the manifestation of our dreams {goals, desires, objectives, visions, personal legends, raison d’etre, reason for BEing………}
Take out a piece of paper, open a new word document on your computer, get yar painting materials out, your guitar or violin, whichever way YOU BEST express YOU and start with the phrase, “I AM” and then build upon it from there, BUT build upon it with Positive Intentional Direction, Build upon it, releasing YOUr SELF from ALL restrictions YOU are accustomed to, money, geography, relationship status, job status, etc….build upon it as though, YOU have BEen granted a magic wand of manifestation and YOU CAN manifest ANYThing, Absolutely ANYthing YOU want……
For example:
A Healer
A Billionaire
Continuously regenerating ALL of my 80 trillion cells into majestic homeostatis health and well BEing

artistry by Teremoana

artistry by Teremoana

Open and Aware
CREATing ALL of my dreams and visions
A Happy, Healthy, fulfilled individual of LOVE’s Light.

This list of “I AM” however long or short, detailed or general ya wanna make it, is YOUr starting point for retraining YOUr thoughts and feelings and thus…..and here’s the kicker!! TRUEly manifesting ALL of them!

Remember, EVERYthing is Energy – change YOUr thoughts and feelings, change the energy YOU emanate out into the world, which changes the energy that is attracted to YOU and thus that which YOU receive back from the world/Universe.
Remember, YOU CO-Create YOUr experience, and YOU are a POWERFull, PowerFUll, POWERFULL Creator!!!

To enhance YOUr understanding of just HOW PowerFull YOU are, I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend watching the movie “The Living Matrix”, in fact, I implore YOU humbly in LOVE’s Light to, and then to tell ALL to DO the same.



The Living Matrix

I BElieve in YOU!
I AM so infinitely greatFull for YOUr experience and deeply appreciative YOUr sharing in YOUr experience with ALL of WE.
Please Please Please, FEEL FREE to write of YOUr experiences as they relate herein, we would ALL LOVE to hear from YOU!

Blessedly BE Sweet Earth Angels, Each and Every ONE!
In Unconditional LOVE’s Light,
Radiate Soul Light/roni lipstein

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