Jason Mraz, Cafe Gratitude, Alysse Fischer, Transcending EnLIGHTenment, WOW!

Ben Howard, Roni Lipstein, Alysse Fischer, Aline Ohannessian, Christine

Mesmerized Ecstasy, Captivating, AWEstruck, Inspired, Transcended State of LOVE


Approximately 3 weeks ago, I was perusing through Twitter and came across a tweet by Jason Mraz‘s “JOYologist”, Tricia Huffman, {she’s his Tweet Voice of LOVE :) } announcing a new Blog, speaking to OUR WORTHiness. Well YA KNOW ME…….I LOVE to imbue my BEingness with LOVE and a blog writ regarding our “WORTHINESS” was ALL I needed to head on over to Jason’s blog and read, read away.

Well…..as it turns out, it was a posting about his latest World Tour, “The Gratitude Café Tour”, and a contest they were holding, {he and Café Gratitude} in relation thereto.

Here’s the posting:

The Gratitude Café Tour is Looking for Volunteers!

The whole point of the Gratitude Café Tour is to strengthen community everywhere we go. We’re looking for conscious minded individuals willing to share their lives with others, to come work and play with us, serving up Gratitude in one of our Gratitude Tents throughout the venue.

Spend the day with us preparing for ten thousand visitors, playing our game, and spreading the positive power of Gratitude to all. There’s never been an easier way to be of extraordinary service to your community! Not to mention, you’ll get in for free, probably hear/see some of soundcheck as well as catch some of the big show that night.

If you’re serious about playing, sweating, spreading love, and volunteering, write to us, and tell us what inspires you and what it is you love about your community. And tell us: How does Love express as You in the world?

Send your answers, along with the city and show date you’d be grateful to support to:



We’re excited about the possibility of working with you soon.
In Joy,

Jason Mraz & Alysse Fischer

As you can read, the contest was VERY GENERAL in its explanation and scope. I was however, somewhat familiar with Café Gratitude and their Personal Legend/reason for BEing, which as it turns out is in like kind to ours here at Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary: to enLIGHTen ALL to TRUTH, to SELF LOVE for the Benefit of ALL. Add to that, the fact that this was a contest coming from Jason Mraz, whose music has BEen my harmonic obsession of late – I call it my “Happy Music”-, I figured, regardless of what the “Volunteering” comprises, it’s gonna BE something really GOOD!
NO, I DOn’t KNOW Jason personally, {though I would LOVingly welcome the opportunity…..}, in fact at this point, I was only intimately familiar with ALL of THREE songs, from the wealth of his repetoire, though thorougly enJOYing and enchanted by each.  An intuitive empath, as are we ALL, sometimes, ya just KNOW.   The BEing Jason CHOOSEs to BE, the reflection within ONE of ALL of WE, that which he has CHOSEn to dedicate his LIFE to, as expressed through the words he writes, the music he composes, and the MESSAGE of his BEingness, is one of TRUTH, one of LOVE and thus one for ALL!

Jason Mraz, “Live High”

Sooooo, I entered on BEhalf of mySELF and my starry soul sister, Aline.

Luckily for us, Jason was playing Toronto and the concert was coming up in a couple of weeks – as opposed to not playing Toronto or having played here already.

On the DAY OF the concert, long after the contest had receded into the recesses of our minds, @ 11am, Aline answered the phone to the BEautiFull voice of Alysse Fischer.
Ahhhhhhhh Alysse!!! :)   She was calling to inquire as to whether we were still interested and available to volunteer for the concert that evening.
hee hee

At 5pm we arrived at the Molson Amphitheatre, with absolutely NO IDEA of that which was in store for us. Were we gonna BE building exhibition tents, lugging props, building materials, selling cd’s, maybe coffee and tea??? Who KNEW? Definitely NOT us, and yet, it didn’t matter, we just KNEW whatever it was, it was for the GOOD of ALL, a GIFT from BEings of LOVE and that was ALL that mattered.

Then…….we met Alysse.
What an Angel Goddess of LOVE’s Light!

Let me just say, here and NOW, Café Gratitude has representing them, an exceptional human BEing, an exemplary individual of Gratitude, LOVE, Unity, Appreciation, Affection, and oh, did I mention, LOVE!
Cute as a button, open as the bright blue sky, she welcomed us in such Positivity of Light, and ever so calmly and gently, quickly ushered us into a Fantabulous board GAME called “The Abounding River” created by Café Gratitude’s founding couple of LOVE, Terces and Matthew Engelhart – even their name is FULL of LOVE!! I encourage ANY and ALL to go visit the Café Gratitude site and purchase The Abounding River Game, NOW!!!
There are no winners and losers, no right or wrong answers, no timers, no defining BEginning or End, simply BEingness, simply PLAYing a Game of inspiration, transformation and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.


Ben Howard, Roni Lipstein, Alysse Fischer, Aline Ohannessian, Christine

Ben Howard, Roni Lipstein, Alysse Fischer, Aline Ohannessian, Christine

And this, THIS is what we were Volunteering to DO!

To play this fantabulous game of LOVE, “The Abounding River” with any of Jason’s concert guests whom were so wanting to DO.

It is his GIFT to ALL, to inspire LOVE of SELF and Community where ever he goes, a token of his Appreciation to YOU!
If yar gonna give a gift, what a GIFT to Give!
What a Gift to Receive!
Blessings Sweet Jason, Thank YOU Thank YOU for YOUr Gift!!!

The experience was simply stated, Transcending!

We were soooooooooo COMPLETELY taken- transcended by the experience provided by Café Gratitude, AND the AMAZING individuals who stopped by to play  &  share with us, their BEingnesses of TRUTH, Light and LOVE.  5 hours whizzed by, and Aline and I turned to one another, and realized we did not KNOW if we were going to BE seeing Jason sing, and that was okay……
It was sooooooooooooo humbly empowering to KNOW that we were GIFTed this AWEsome  position to BE response-able of bringing such LOVE into people’s lives. Complete strangers, sharing LOVE with one another, in such complete Positivity.


AND!!!! We were serenaded by the most BEautiFull voice and musical prowess of one Mr. Ben Howard – WOW!!!

The LOVE just built upon itSELF higher and higher and higher!!!
Overwhelming energies of transcended BEingness captured me into its swoon of LOVE and I was lifted into the highest states of my own BEingness – COMPLETELY aligned in ALL aspects of SELF – conscious & subconscious expressed through TRUE Self/Soul LOVE.

I AM deeply greatFull and appreciative for this most AWEsome experience!
Thank YOU Thank YOU, Terces, Matthew, Alysse and of course, Jason :)

Ahhhhhhhhhhh just when ya think, YOU can not possibly reach heights any higher, in our elated state of ecstatic LOVE- it was time for Jason Mraz to SING!

Jason Mraz, “Life is WonderFull”

That’s RIGHT!!! WE DID get to go watch Jason’s concert – not just watch it, we were amongst those standing in front of the stage – okay not right in front of the stage, I’d say we were standing about 7 feet back from the stage, or shall I say, 7 feet CLOSE to the stage and the AWEsomely WonderFull performance of Jason Mraz and his AMAZING, Talented Band of Friends!!

Can we take a moment here and just pay homage to the incredibleness that is the show that Jason and Friends put on!!!
Seriously guys, ALL of YOU, Big Big BOW of EXTREMELY GreatFull Appreciation!!!

Watching the “Jason Mraz Gratitude Café Tour Concert”, hearing melodies of majesty I had never BEfore knew, moved, as I have NEVER BEfore BEen, to complete hypnotized, transformed stillness….save for my glaring eyes, until, they too, enraptured closed, within the moment of Sweet Bliss, the energies of my BEingness, vibrating to the luscious harmonies, captivating my soul.

Taken first by the musical symphony waving over and through my body, sailing me on a ride of mesmerized ecstasy.
And then, inspired AWEstruck, by the breadth of Jason’s musical LOVE = TRUTH genius, his words, his voice, HIS MESSAGE……

Transcended, enLIGHTened, Awakened

In Lak’ech Sweet Earth Angels,
We are ALL a Reflection of Each Other
Another colour in the Rainbow of WE
Blessedly BE
ONE Universal Family
Earth Angels Divine,
within the Embracing Light of
PeaceFull, LOVing Serenity, &
One Fantabulous, Amazing, Adventurous, Party’n Journey :)

Radiate Soul Light
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein/roni

Jason Mraz, “Butterfly”

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