Dogmatic Thinking

What is the Meaning of Life?

What is the Meaning of Life?

12am, a few days after International Peace Day, still glued to the computers, creat’n away.  Aline, my starry soul sister, and YOUr WHOLE-istic Astrological Intuit, decides NOW would BE a GREAT time to discuss World Peace & The Meaning of LIFE.

Needless to say, getting up at 6:30am the next morning, to get Zion ready for school was quickly lost to the titillating conversation, about our ONE Universal Family!

Soooooo many people, billions in fact, experiencing their own unique interpretation of this “thing” we call, LIFE.

The conversation BEgan……

“No-one really KNOWs anything do we……..”


~hey give me a break, it was midnight, and I’d ALLready BEen creat’n for 16 hours!!!~

aobblAline: “What I mean to say is that we are ALL here in this NOW, and yet NO ONE KNOWs where we came from or where we go to, once we leave this Earth.”

rlbblRoni: “Oh! Yes, that’s entirely TRUE!!! Everything is just theories, albeit some based upon much more solid evidence and investigation than others, in the end, we really do NOT KNOW, none of us DOes.”

aobblAline: “Sooooo, if NONE of us really KNOWs, from the Scientists to the Religious figures, the Intellectuals, to the Professors, the Philosophers to every single human BEing, doncha think it’s kind of silly that so many of us hold on so steadfastly to our own views… much so, we don’t even listen to what another shall say, let alone the arguments that ALLways seem to ensue?”

Dogmatic Thinking.

We live in a world with billions of other reflections of us – In Lak’ech = I AM Another YOU. Like walking into one of those fun house multi mirror rooms, we are surrounded by millions of reflections of our own BEing, yet from different vantage points. Each vantage point showcases a different aspect of us, and yet, ALL are reflections of the ONE.

We DO KNOW that EVERYTHING is ENERGY. Whether we are talking about the computer upon which I write this, or the table upon which my computer sits, or ME, DOing the writing, everything is made up of molecular cells, and ALL cells, when broken down to their quintessential elements, are comprised of ENERGY.

We KNOW Energy can NOT BE CREATEd, CAN NOT Die, and yet is ALLways changing, transforming, and vibrating, though sometimes at frequencies soooooo very low, or fast, they are undetectable- at least by us, in this NOW.

Still, we do NOT KNOW where we came from BEfore we were here. Yes, we KNOW ALL about conception, but what about BEfore conception? And what about consciousness? Was the “I” in “ME” existent in the sperm or the egg or was it the spark of their connection or was it the expansion of their union? Let’s not even get into the FACT that every 7 years EACH and EVERY ONE of our cells is COMPLETELY REPLACED!!

What about our Milky Way Universe, BEing as micro cosmic here as possible, as there are a minimum of SEVEN other Universes that have BEen theorized to exist thus far…….How did our Universe come into BEing? How did the planets and stars come into BEing?
Was it the “Big Bang” THEORY?
Was it aliens from another galaxy, other than our Milky Way or another planet within our own galaxy still undiscovered?
Did we just materialize out of thin air?
Speaking of which, where did the thin air come from?
I mean, BEfore the Milky Way, the aliens or the “Big Bang”, take YOUr pick, I’m sure there are a plethora of other theories abounding, where did it ALL BEgin?
Where did the ENERGY that we KNOW to BE ALL, come from?
Was it ALLways there?
Can we even compute this?
ALLways there………….no BEginning and no end, just ALLways………hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Makes yar brain a little fuzzy now doesn’t it?

Spinning, spinning, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Oh and lest we forget……………GOD.

Still, same outcome, UNKNOWN.  Never proven, never seen, never materialized physically, never KNOWn.  Sure, there are many amongst us who “feel god”, “BElieve in god”, but what is to one “god” is to another their “higher SELF” and yet to another, their “sub-consciousness” and yet to another, “aliens”, and yet to another, “the collective consciousness of the WHOLE of WE”……..

At the end of the day, we’ve got a lot of questions, and a lot of THEORIES but no real answers.

It DOesn’t matter what any of us BElieve to BE TRUTH, we still don’t really KNOW.

And yet, even though, EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEing upon this planet has at one point or another, wondered this very thought, if even for a brief moment, when their fish named Wanda died and they flushed her down the toilet, as a SPECIES, as a HUMAN RACE, why do we NOT collaborate, commune, cooperate together with one another to find out this all pervasive answer?

aobblAline: “And if we don’t KNOW where we came from and where we go to after here, and once we are gone from here, we are gone, what exactly is the point while we are here? I mean, we do, do, do, put sooo much effort into BEing the BEST we can BE, and then what? Here today, gone tomorrow, and life for ALL carries on…..”

So what is the purpose of life?

Who really KNOWs the answer?

We are soooo consumed with living our own individual lives for which we really don’t KNOW the “WHY”, “WHERE”, “WHO” or “WHAT” for, and yet, instead of CHOOSing to come together as a WHOLE to answer our BIGGEST Life’s Question for ALL of WE, we CHOOSE instead to ignore it, go on with our lives and more over, defend our CHOSEn ways of life “to death do we part”.

Of course, not ALL of WE, there are millions amongst our billions out there, just like Aline and me ?
Still, we are millions in a sea of billions………….

Billions whom have their own BEliefs about ALL of these questions~ BEliefs, NOT answers~ and YET! BElieve they DO, so righteously indeed, until “death do us part” for so very many.

What are we fighting for?


At the end of the day, what exactly shall we have, to say, “it was worth killing another human BEing” for?   We won’t BE here, and for ALL we KNOW, that which we fought for “our children’s sake”, will BE blown to smithereens by a tornado or other Natural Disaster, or merely evolve, change, transcend into something completely different, if not opposite, and then what? Was it worth killing another mother’s child, so that YOUr own could just run away from, disown or evolve and CHOOSE to change, that which YOU were soooo desperately fighting for?

rlbblRoni: “We live in a state of ILLUSORY FEAR, BElieving that in some way, we are disrespecting and more over, putting as risk, our own BEliefs, thoughts, intelligence, KNOWledge, our very BEingness in fact, when we open ourSELVes up to merely entertain the possibilities, for which are infinite, for which none are 100% sure. We go to war over these ILLUSORY FEARS, killing off brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, in the name of that which TRUTHFUlly we KNOW NOT. Women and men are shunned by their families and in some areas of the world, stoned to death, just for the ability to express their LOVE, causing NO HARM to any, impinging nothing upon any, but their FREE WILL to LOVE.”

DOes it really change YOU, YOUr life, YOUr BEingness, if someone other than YOU, BElieves in a completely different theory about life? If YOU were born with blue eyes and I was born with brown, DOes that somehow impede my BEing around?  If YOU were born of caramel tone and I was born of olive, DOes that really change what’s on the inside of each of we, identical in fact, in physiology?
Will I somehow lose my sight, to that which I hold so dear and right, for ME in this life, if I open my ears to listen and hear that which YOU think, BElieve and hold dear?
Will YOU somehow BEcome ME, if YOU start to see, the possibility of life from my point of view?
Will YOU wither, wax or wane, will I cause YOU physical pain?
What one BElieves exists WITHIN……

We are ONE

We are ONE

How can this HURT if we CHOOSE to BEgin
to tolerate ALL the varying reflections of WE
to Open our Hearts and Minds to hear and see
that We are ALL just ONE Universal Family
ALL seeking answers to the unKNOWn
Each making the BEST we can of our home???

If YOU BElieve in GOD, she BElieves in Evolution, he BElieves in Aliens and I BElieve in the Universal Energy of WE, DOes that change the TRUTH that we are ALL members of the Human Species?

If I listen to YOU, YOU listen to ME, and we disagree in the BEliefs we have, DOes that mean I can NOT hold YOUr hand?  DOes that mean I can no longer see, that YOU are just another reflection of ME?

If we OPEN our SELVes to SHARE the KNOWledge, BEliefs, ideas, research, investigation, awareness we each have with one another, is it not possible that together we may come closer to KNOWing the answers to which we ALL seek, instead of clawing at one another head over feet?

IF instead of focusing on the differences between ALL, WE CHOSE to see the similarities we ALL share, could we NOT collaborate, cooperate and see, we’re ALL just walk’n our own pathways to the same destiny?

rlbblRoni: “The minute we are born, and language is introduced, labels are assigned, and we are taught that there is a separation BEtween YOU and ME, instead of seeing, as newborns DO, just another ME in YOU.”

Imagine if YOU will, ALL of WE, with all the different BEliefs, ideas, theories, religions, sciences, races, languages, labels, cultures, traditions, simply CHOOSing to live our lives, DOing the BEST we EACH can DO, to BE the BEST we EACH can BE, inflicting no harm unto others, living LOVingly, Tolerantly, in PEACEfull LOVing Harmony.

Blessedly BE
ONE Universal Family
Earth Angels Divine,
within the Embracing Light of
PeaceFull LOVing Serenity &
One Fantabulous, Amazing, Adventurous, Party’n Journey :)
Radiate Soul Light
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein/roni

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