CHOOSE YOUr Words with Awareness

CHOOSE YOUr Words with Awareness

I wrote in my Facebook status the other day:

CHOOSing our WORDS is a very IMPORTANT aspect
of our BEingness….We exist with one another
that we may uplift, assist and enLIGHTen…to
so DO, we must ‘break the cycle of centuries
of negative fear based conditioning’ we have
ALL BEen subject to and pay attention, BE
AWARE and LOVE SELF enough to have the patience
to CHOOSE our WORDS through/of/from/within

I was inspired to so DO by these thoughts that LOVingly came through:
We are ALL subject to the cultural rhythms and rhymes of our ‘times’, our surrounding global society. We are ALL subject to the thoughts, ideas, images, and messages sent forth from around the world out to ALL of WE. From the words and lessons provided by our parent’s to the education we receive in school, to the conversations and interactions with friends, acquaintance, co-workers, we are subjected to.
Each of these individuals, groups, people, are themSELVes influenced by their own socialization, education, environment and child rearing, thus the lessons, the thoughts, ideas, images and messages we receive from any, come not merely from that ONE, but are the culmination of their own conditioning…..of ALL they have BEen subject to.

The GREATEST influencing factor on our Global Family comes through via Mass Media, ESPECIALLY the News.
These vehicles of information are CONTROLLED by a VERY VERY FEW….a MINORITY in fact, compared to ALL of WE….and YET it is to them that we look to see, the interpretations of life.

Thing is, unfortunately, though this Minority is SUPPOSED to BE acting upon/for/within/through the Benefit of ALL of WE, they have proven this NOT to BE!

For Centuries NOW in fact, we have BEen raised, reared, educated, socialized and inundated on a cultural lingo that conditions NEGATIVITY, promoting FEAR within Each of WE.
How many stories on ANY given News Channel, News Cast, News Anything are positive?
We ALL KNOW there are an INFINITE number of stories that can BE told……when the Iraq war was waging mad, there were, BElieve it or not, wars taking place around our Globe of far greater reaching catastrophes, and yet…….none of WE heard of these.
There are ‘wars’ going on behind wars, behind closed doors, that NONE of us SEE, kept slient from the public, YET, with far GREATER reaching negativity affecting ALL of WE!
We CAN, and we WILL Change ALL of this, and it is a MUCH EASIER process than YOU think…………



It BEgins with YOU!

We are AWARE of the negativity that prevails our global family, our newscasts only too happy to so portray. We are ALSO just as AWARE of the BEauty that we experience in our daily lives. The birth of a new babe in our family, a marriage, graduation, a child’s first steps, walking in the park on a pathway lined with Nature’s majestic brilliance, waking up in the morning and BREATHing….sooooo sooooo soooo many BEautiFull, Blessed Miraculous experiences of LIFE!

So… to BEgin.
By CHOOSing to focus our attentions on the positive.
I can hear some of YOU screaming…..”focusing on the positive is NOT Going to rid our Universal Family of Wars and Destruction!!!”
and my response is, in all gentle respectFull humble LOVE, “YES!!! It is!”

Think about this for just a moment…….
IF, and yes, I KNOW, it’s a Big “IF”, big and yet NOT impossible, IF EVERY ONE BEgan to CHOOSE to focus on the Positive, that is to say, to CHOOSE Pacifism over Violence, Happiness over Anger, BEauty over Ugliness, Gratitude over Contempt, LOVE over Hate, how many of these individuals DO YOU think would BE signing up to fight in a war? How many would want to be broadcasting negativity after negativity after negativity?
How many would BE preoccupied with ALL the Negativity in this world?
What would happen to it ALL, if NONE are participating in its BEingness?

Something to ponder, n’est ce pas?

Alas, I digress, as I have jumped to our culminated conclusion of living life as intended to BE in PeaceFull, LOVing, BlissFully Serene, Party’n Harmony.

Let us come back to our BEginning, to our transcending, to WE, CHOOSing to BE Positive, focusing on the LOVE instead of the hate and ONE fantabulous way we can so DO, through the WORDS we CHOOSE in every NOW of our BEingness, from those we use to speak with others, to those even more important words, we use to speak to our SELVes!

One can not of course, speak LOVE’s Light TRUE, if ONE is NOT speaking such to SELF first.

Words, Communication, Interaction….we have BEcome a very ‘fast paced’ Universal Family, so much so, many of WE think it too difficult to BE Aware of the words we CHOOSE to use, and YET, as soon as we use words, we are CHOOSing which to use!

YES!! There IS a cycle to ‘break’, reeducate, transcend, and YES, just as when we first learned to walk, talk, read and write, we must BE focused, motivated and dedicated to accomplishing. And…just like driving a car, or speaking, reading and writing, once we have reeducated, transcended from the negative conditioning to the positive, ALL BEcomes ‘second nature’ so to speak, rote BEhaviour.

In FACT, in reeducating, retraining, transcending out of the muck of the conditioned negativity we have BEen subject to for Centuries and realigning our SELVEs with the Positive we are actually realigning our SELVEs with our TRUE Nature…..not ‘second nature’, TRUE NATURE!

We are ALL BEings of LOVE.
We ALL enJOY, take pleasure in, relish the experience of BEing Happy…….it is simply, our TRUE Nature!

Thus, as we recondition our SELVes to CHOOSE our words more carefully we realign oursSELVes with our TRUTH!

Negative words lead to negative thoughts which lead to negative ACTions, just as WonderFULLy, Positive words, lead to positive thoughts which lead to, YOU guessed it, Positive ACTions.

Here are some FABulous tools YOU can USE to assist YOU in YOUr transendence to YOUR TRUE BEingness of LOVE’s Light:

1. Attitude of Gratitude: CHOOSE to BE Aware of the
enormity that is everywhere…..we live in an Abundant
World, from the millions of blades of grass beneath
our feet to the pores on our bodies.
Be GreatFull for ALL the Abundance in YOUr surround,
in YOUr BEingness, YOUr Life, and BEgin to see the
positivity manifest brilliantly!!

2. Change of Scenery: when in a particularly ‘foul’
mood, get up and go for a walk, go to another room,
stand outside and breathe in the fresh air {hopefully
fresh ? }, change the scene itSELF, add some music,
open the windows, or blinds, or close them and light
some candles and incense…..CHANGE the Scene to inspire

3. Use the Silva Method of “Delete”: we have over 64 000
different thoughts Streaming through our brains on any
given day. Some of those are GREAT and some…..not so
great. When a particularly stubborn thought of the
“not so great” variety is lingering, as opposed to
swiftly passing through, simply say “DELETE”, as in “I
DELETE YOU”, or “I DELETE this Negative THOUGHT”, or
“THOUGHT, YOU ARE DELETED” and let it go.

4. Refocus YOUr Attention: very similar to the “Change of
Scenery” only where Change of scenery is a physical
ACTion, refocusing YOUr attentions is a CHOICE of
MIND. Go through YOUr 64 000 thoughts available,
{don’t worry, ya won’t hafta go through them all ? }
and simply CHOOSE a NEW, Happier thought to focus on.
We ALL have a lot to DO in a day, a lot of thoughts
buzzing around, instead of thinking of those that
‘bring ya down’, CHOOSE to think of ANY that rise ya

5. Change YOUr external influencing factors:  Stop watching the                          NEWS, CHOOSE Positively geared entertainment, Stop participating                        in Negative based activities, remove the negative influencing factors                      YOU CAN in YOUr daily lives.
6. Recognize YOUr TRUE Voice: ahhhhhhhh, now this, this
Big, in that it is not more difficult to DO than the
others, BIG in the essence that in DOing this, YOU
will GREATLY AFFECT ALL others Positively and life
will BE much much smoother, as intended, in fact, to

Okay, so here’s what ya DO.
First, ya realize that our own internal voice is of PURE LIGHT, PURE ENERGY, there is NO NEGATIVITY within. IT is as are WE, ENERGY.

Second, we carry forth with this TruthFull thinking and realize that ANY thoughts associated as either Positive or Negative have BEen taught to WE by another. Thus, any NEGATIVE thoughts that we hear as our own voice are really the thoughts, comments, ideas, perceptions, and experiences of another. Thus…… is of our CHOOSing as to whether or not we wish to accept them as our own.
KNOWing this is of our CHOOSing means CHOOSing NOT to identify with the voices of negativity we hear, and if we are so able, recognizing where they actually originated…though really this is NOT a necessity in so far as
recognizing our own TRUE VOICE……more an exercise in understanding, forgiving and embracing those whom have given us these negative conditionings.
Really, ALL YOU gotta DO, is CHOOSE to “DELETE” the Negative Voices, and NOT assume ownership over them or allow them to BE YOUr TRUTH.

Thus when ya hear a negative voice in YOUr head, as YOUr Own, and are accepting is as YOUr TRUTH, STOP! Realize, Recognize and Delete ?


Speaking LOVE

Speaking LOVE

Here’s to our continued transcendence into enLIGHTened BEingness of LOVE’s Light in our Every NOW, ALLways ?

Blessedly BE
Radiate Soul Light/roni

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