The Mind or Time?

Is it that we don’t have the time to do what we want, or the serenity of mind to allow ourselves the “indulgences” of our TRUTH?

Stress, fear, worry of material, as indoctrinated into all, by the “powers that be”, to keep us from the TRUTH of WE……

Possibility, no?

Why not investigate, so we can know, so we can see, for our selves, the TRUTH of WE.


Doing what you love, what makes you happy, all of the time, with your time.

Yes, we are looking at a potential for how we Can BE.

Not, how we are, we already know how we are, even if we choose to play dumb.

Here’s an example, of doing what you love to do…..

Take Soul’s Family…..

We operate Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary, Our, yours, mine, his, hers, Wisdom and Wellness Community Lounge, and her Multi-Media with Mind, Production Lotus, ArtWave Design.

Whew, talk about a chunk to chew!!!

Okay, here’s the thing, we “operate it”, but we also “ARE” it, and “it”, is We.

Here’s the recipe: you take everything you love to do, all the things you enjoy creating, from within you.

For example, you may enjoy numbers, creating theories, you may enjoy the complexities of colour and shading, creating paintings, photography, and so on……

It would be a HUGEly SMall statistical amount of creations, to whom no other would find BEauty…..

Thus, for all, there is a “market”, an audience whom shall Appreciate YOUr Creations.

In whatever form they may be.

For Soul’s Family, this was not even a question, for we have allways been awares of our intentions… serve ALL, in LOVE, for LOVE, for ALL.

It is important to note, that we tend to underestimate the value of our selves, and thus our creations, their value unto the Earth School and all her LOVEly inhabitants. Hence my statement above. What you LOVE to do, is by nature, a part of YOU.

YOU are by nature, a part of WE.

Thus, within the WE, shall you find many of like mind.

So, getting back, we’ve outlined all the things we love to do, and have qualified their value to ALL.

Next step, take all those things you LOVE to do, and DO them.

Final step, Offer them to ALL.

Now imagine for a moment, you do all that you love to do and sharing it with the world, and every single other individual in the world, doing exactly the same thing.

All would BE, Creations of BEauty, a World of PeaceFull LOVing Serenity.

-art would prevail, the art of BEauty, the appreciation for the creations of WE, ALL seen for their intrinsic value of BEauty, their Gift for ALL of WE.

-we would achieve successful recognition materially, doing what we LOVE to do.

-effort = energy = achievement

and this is ALL possible!!! We have been taught the exact opposite for Centuries, and look how well we have learned our lessons. Look how amazing we have become at hating, feeling negative, separating our selves from the things we love most, to endure the abuses of that which causes our selves pain, agony, illness and death.

Okay, fine, let’s all stand together now and take a bow,


we have achieved

Hell on Earth!

Whoo hoo for all of WE.

Now, if I can be so bold as to ask ALL of YOU, as humbly as can be, do ya think we can try NOW, for a little bit more Heaven on Earth, rather than Hell?

If we are so good at one end of the spectrum, how off the wall is it to suggest that we would GLOW fantastic on the other end?


We’ve got to start standing for that which is TRUE, and stop doing Their work, and making Them money.

Our ideas, imaginations, plans, happy places, are just as valid and worthy as Theirs, as they are Anyone’s.

Why are we not giving our Selves, the same amount of attention, effort, energy, as we are giving to Them?

Am I denying that there are GROUP or “Collective Personal Legends”, of course not, and community ventures, like- minded Truths flourish when combined, through Love, together.

The point is to ensure we are ALL DOing that which we TRUEly want to be doing, that which we TRUEly Love, makes us happy and feel good about BEing “Me”.

If we ALL started DOing for our Selves, it would be a Natural affect upon All, creating a “market place” of a different genre, an economy that eventually Could BE, money free.

We are so busy making sure They are happy, while we run around Miserable, allowing ourselves to be continuously “zoned out”, even at home with our family, too exhausted to think for our selves, or question Them, and the way They are running the world. The way WE are letting “them”.

Society today, Globally, has gone completely MONEY.

There is nothing else, no other “purpose for BEing” = “Personal Legend”, than doing everything you can to make money, to get money, because without money, you can not live.

How sad is that?

Is the value of your life worth nothing more than an ARTIFICIALLY quantified piece of processed tree bark and water?

So, we work the extra hours, take less vacations. Weekends? What’s that? We are so busy running after the all mighty dollar, like cats after rats, that we actually believe that the rat tastes good!!!!

We are so completely disillusioned by the mighty “work ethic”, that we actually believe that “work” is “ethical”.

LOVE is ethical.

But work is not just ethical, it’s the ultimate achievement, in life!!!

The more time you spend working, the greater accomplished you are, regarded as successful by all your envious, exhausted peers.

And the more time you work, the less time you have to THINK. The less energy you have. The less time you have to QUESTION. The less mental capacity to ponder. The less time you have to LISTEN to SELF, to pay attention to YOU, and thus KNOW TRUTH.

Why do we have family?

So we can run away and spend as little time with them as possible?

Why did you choose to marry someone you love?

To catch a glimpse of one another? Catch up on the phone, 1x/day, carry on some semblance of words exchanged, wake up one morning and realize you know nothing of the person you are lying next to each evening?

Why do we choose the friends we do?

So we can talk to them on the phone monthly, possibly see them quarterly if we have time in between our multi-million dollar corporate deals, which will see us with a potential bonus of $5000 at the end of the year?


Is this seriously what we call enJOYing life? Being so exhausted, we no longer have the energy to play with our kids, go for a drive, take a nap, exercise, have sex with our partners, LIVE?

Is it really that we don’t have the “time”, or is it that we haven’t the mental faculties, that give way to a moment to breathe, sit and write a letter, a novel, a song, sing a tune, dance around, play some ball, share some love. A moment, not infringed upon by thoughts and feelings of all that is material, artificial, and illusory. A moment within a stress free perceptual reality to allow ourselves these, we have come to call, “luxuries” of life?

How many people are really happy, living today?

Happy with the way the system works, what it takes to live comfortably in this world of ours?

How many people do you think would disagree with a decrease in the work week, a decrease in the price of all products on the market, and an increase in their salaries????


Okay, so now that we’re getting a little more “reality of the conditioned Now”…….

Really………how many people are living Happy today?

What do you think the ratio is?

And WHY??????? would we ALL want to live unhappy????

WHY would we all Choose to live this way?

Ya ya ya, I know, THEM, the government, people with lots of money running the government, using their money for personal power, even lots of machines of mass destruction, but look how many of US there are!!!! Who’s gonna operate the machines of mass destruction???


US, or no-ONE.

WE MADE “Them”!!!



WE have POWER.

We CAN Choose to direct our power through Love.


It is Our Choice!!!

Blessedly BE

Are WE


In Lak’ech

Roni {rhonda} Lipstein

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6 Replies to The Mind or Time?

  1. harouni says:

    Hey Roni

    Nice post, so true. I’m grateful that there is an alternative to the mind numbing process of work, and that we can create a Heaven on Earth, and still earn a living :)

    Thanks for you

  2. brain says:

    Hello and WELCOME Harouni, thanks so much for YOUr comment, and kudos :O)
    All positive energies that together we shall BE able to enlighten the WHOLE of OUR Universal Family, to the TRUTHS of WE :O)
    Blessedly BE

  3. centerOcyclone says:

    Beautiful post.

    thanks for sharing.

  4. brain says:

    Thank YOU centerOcyclone for dropp’n by and sharing YOUr BEingness with ALL of WE!

    Blessings of Positive Abundance flowing through LOVE’s Light within YOUr Every NOW, ALLways :O)

  5. What does 2012 mean to you? Are you completely informed as to both sides of the argument that a) the world will ultimately end or b) it is all fantasy and myth? Having a valid opinion means you have informed yourself on both sides of the argument.

  6. brain says:

    YES, Angel, we ARE informed as to “BOTH” – in fact there are an infinite number of sides &/or perspectives regarding 2012 & pretty much ANYTHING in our experience of BEingness :)

    Blessedly BE

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