Our Founding Angel

Our Founding Angel - Roni Lipstein

Roni Lipstein, our Angel Nymph, “Radiate Soul Light”

Roni, Rhonda, Reisha, Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein, Mommy,

“Artist of Love,
inspired Ontological Writer & Soul Guide Light,
Universal Humanist, and
Spiritual Priestess
Of, for, and through
the BEingness of

courageously chose to
“walk a pathway less traveled….”

As Roni welcomed the recognition of her Personal Legend, in opening herself, and accepting love from within self, she was blessed the awareness of her unique gifted tools.
You see, as Roni learned to release her illusory fears and embrace self, lovingly, she found she was openly sharing her experiences, her sacred soul writing, and just as smoothly, naturally, those with whom she shared these self enlightening insights, were themselves, inspired to walk their own journeys, in the awareness of their radiant souls.

In 2000, at the peak of its 11 year ascension, Roni chose to leave behind a very lucrative career in Fashion & Entertainment Public Relations & Advertising, to lovingly dedicate her self, life, and Beingness to
Radiate her Soul’s Light.

And Radiate she so did, a healing of ego {well, we swept it…} through freedom of Soul, and the blessed gift bestowed unto Thee, her first literary compilation, humbly created for our inspired realization.
“Radiate Soul Light”, whose wisdom inspired Roni to officially register and create, Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary,

“a home where judgment has no breath,
and the path to self-discovery is one
paved by compassion, dedication, & a
lovingly learn-ed hand.”

Roni, always the thorough, logical scientist, has made full use of her former, traditional training, including a degree in Psychology and certificate in Public Relations, from McGill University, including several professional training seminars thereafter. Concurrently, Roni attained certification as a Fitness Trainer and Nutritional Consultant.

Roni Lipstein

Her lessons of Self Love were delved into deeply, {11yrs.}, offering Roni the adventures of a Communications Specialist & Advisor in the Fashion and Entertainment industries. Not to mention the journey of corporate vs freelance.
Freelance blessed Roni several adventures, including establishing and running a Fitness business,” Feline Fitness”, for which her services as a Personal Trainer and Nutritional consultant were sought.

Yes, there was much commercialism, materialism, capitalism, politics and FEAR upon her travels, however, our Universe, OUR BEINGness is a Blessed one, and Roni has always been blessed, from day one, the esteemed guidance of many gifted and wise mentors, starting of course, with her mom and dad, who gave her the opportunity to shine her light, here upon our glorious earth school. Elaine and Jerry Lipstein, her very own personal scholar and humanitarian educator. To whom she has also to thank for those whose lessons she carries the most, her beautiful sister, Elana Waldman, and her dashing brother, Todd Lipstein. Truly, I am Blessed!!!

I would like to acknowledge my eternal appreciation for ALL her beautiful blessings.
My Starry Soul Twin Sister, Astrological Intuit Shamaness Aline Ohannessian.

There is one, to whom the lessons, enlightenment and loving growth of Soul have been so inspired, blessed through the purity of their love and the humble guidance of their wizened soul, as to provide Roni the impetus to action, and thus fulfillment of her Personal Legend.
He is her Greatest Universal Gift, her Blessing Supreme,
Zion Alleister.
All my heart and soul,
my body, mind
and all that makes me whole.

Nymphs are creatures that inhabit the most secluded and peaceful areas of the world, close to a pure water source e.g. a spring. Nymphs are a peaceful race they do not engage in or acknowledge evil and ugliness. Nymphs look a lot like humans, they are natures embodiment of physical beauty. Nymphs are ever young, they are charming graceful and intelligent.

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7 Replies to Our Founding Angel

  1. A.D.D. Poet says:

    Life Love

    True is false inside the answer
    False is true outside the question
    Why then the only way to go race slow
    The end can and will be seen at the start
    Memories last carried in brains storage
    Always we feel emotion in confusion
    Follow to lead last is the first converse
    Deep and strong the hypocrites song
    Energy is in a constant flow grasping
    Death the start where there is no deceit
    Forever free baggage left behind forgotten
    Fear is always afraid no power it has
    There is no why just a reason to cry
    Connect you can to it and understand
    Its worth it can you feel it in your soul
    Choose there is no winner so what can you loose
    All are one so different all the same why blame
    Story of music is loud full of controlled chaos
    Everything is yours and mine why is it wasted
    Shallow just wadding projecting being degrading
    War has not a place in the human race leave it
    Here we are right now what is it that you feel
    Care is it fair kick back and just think clean house
    Travel to a place is it here do you see do you feel
    Is it real you can feel this is where the truth begins
    Waiting for you chase it dig deep and pull it out
    Beauty is all en joy it can and will not be taken from you
    Never never never give up you are the creation believe
    Up down stress sickness pain the stepping stone of gain
    Broken only by you never are you lost just weak scared
    Wounds do you heal do you cover them then they return
    My love for you is true your boundaries cross I won’t

    -Ronald Sorenson June 16,2008

  2. Elton Bogust says:

    thanks for the information i enjoyed reading it.

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