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What determines Worth and Value?

We live in a world of mass consumerism where we tend to place greater value upon the most financially expensive items and those who own them and yet, these items […]


Jason Mraz, Cafe Gratitude, Alysse Fischer, Transcending EnLIGHTenment, WOW!

Ben Howard, Roni Lipstein, Alysse Fischer, Aline Ohannessian, Christine

Mesmerized Ecstasy, Captivating, AWEstruck, Inspired, Transcended State of LOVE WOW! Approximately 3 weeks ago, I was perusing through Twitter and came across a tweet by Jason Mraz‘s “JOYologist”, Tricia Huffman, […]


The Prosperity Game

Inspired by Lourdes, from the Manifest Mastermind Member’s site, as she was so inspired by Abraham Hicks, and his fantabulous exercise to Deliberately set into motion the manifestations of ALL […]