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A message of LOVE about the BP Oil Spill from Eden Sky, Chief Arvol Looking Horse & the 13 Indigenous GrandmothersI

Our Globe

Greetings Tribe of Light This coming Solstice on June 21st is “World Peace and Prayer Day” as called for by Chief Arvol Looking Horse, the Present Chief and Keeper of […]


Christian the Lion, LOVE KNOWs NO Boundaries

Christian the Lion is the TRUE story of a LOVE shared between the Human & Lion Kingdoms of our BEautyFull Earth School. It is a tale depicting the possibilities & […]


Think with yOUR Heart and Feel with yOUR Mind

Roni shares of her experience as an “empathic sensitive” and the gift we are ALL blessed when we CHOOSE to detach from the experience of our external circumstances and situations […]


Alpha Brain Levels

Positive Affirmation: I AM GreatFull to BE the conscious awareness of my brain’s Alpha levels of vibrational harmonies, and thus walking aware~~~ONE with ALL of WE Blessedly BE In Lak’ech […]


Expressing LOVE for SELF

Roni delves into our sometimes difficult experience feeling, acKNOWledging & expressing LOVE for SELF and how we may assist SELF in so DOing and thus how we may assist and […]