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Freedom IS a condition of yOUR Heart

See the BEAUTY that is YOU

“Freedom is a condition of your heart. You can be captive amidst great wealth and free behind bars. Do your fears, insecurities, beliefs and programs still control the way you […]


Harness the Power of yOUR MIND

Harness the Power of Your Mind

We can use the exact same words that either said or interpreted on/from another level/viewpoint/perspective, can appear to BE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, and they are, BEcause of US. We CHOOSE to […]


Higher Power or Higher Purpose??

What IS yOUR Higher Purpose?  What Gifts have YOU come to share with ALL of WE?

We are ALL currently aware of the definitive changes that have BEen occurring in our global family’s evolving perceptual consciousness. ONE need look no further than our religious & scientific […]


Letting GO & Surrendering

Align the Heart & Mind

Letting GO & Surrendering….two ‘key phrases’ we hear often within the Wisdom & Wellness circles, refers to letting go of our need to CONTROL everything, of our need to KNOW […]


What determines Worth and Value?

We live in a world of mass consumerism where we tend to place greater value upon the most financially expensive items and those who own them and yet, these items […]


Who DO we really Judge?

There are times we misinterpret one another’s actions…..we receive what another is saying as a personal assessment, in fear of judgment. This fear of judgment IS NOT only a fear […]


F^*K Up

Okay okay, I get it, really I do, ya fu*&ed up completely… …but…it’s ONE f&*k up, ONE mess in a Pool of INFINITE Fantabulousness. We are sooooooo hard on our […]


Out of the Daily Routine

Ya KNOW we are such CREATURES of Habit…..we tend to forget in our daily routines to take a moment and remember, honour, and send forth gratitude to SELF for CHOOSing […]