Using our Beliefs to assuage our Negative Emotions

Surrender to LOVE

In a moment of stress, anxiety, worry, anger, frustation, aggravation, confusion, unsuredness, etc…….repeat the following:

“Everything that IS, IS for my HIGHest HAPPYness.

ALL IS coming together purrrfectly for me in my life, falling purrfectly into place even if I can not see how or why this happening, I KNOW and TRUST it IS.”

…..or some derivative thereof, 😉 😉
such as:

“Whatever will BE, will BE and what will BE, will BE for my highest good and greatest bliss.”

“I trust that even when it seems I am floating in limbo, even when it seems I am swarming in a vat of negativity, even when it seems everything is going to blow up in my face, I TRUST that when the clouds clear, and the dust settles I will find myself in a far better place than I was before, in a far greater bliss than I had experienced before.”

“I relinquish all fear to love and trust that I am taken care of and provided for by the nurturing, embracing, compassionate, caring heart of Agape LOVE, all~ways.”

“Whatever I am upset about, whatever is not ‘going my way’ according to my current perception, I trust that in truth, it IS going my way, and that the results will BE fabYOUlous for me and ALL involved.”

“I BElieve in the power of LOVE. I surrender ALL my fears, doubts, suspicions, pains, woes, and insecurities to the Divine Embrace of LOVE.”

***a BElief is nothing more than a thought we continuously repeat to ourselves
***our BEliefs shape our entire lives…….

This IS definitely a GOOD BElief to foster, n’est ce pas???

Sending Blissings of LOVE’s Light and infinite Bliss to ONE and ALL***
Radiating LOVE,

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