Ushering in LOVE Consciousness


Persistence, Determination, Commitment, Patience, Compassion, LOVE, ……

ALL Extremely Important traits to inhabit when attempting to break negative habits whilst instill new healthier ones……until such time as said healthier habits become as second nature as walking.

The BIGgest ‘bad habit’ we are ALL transcending [at any time but seemingly more consciously aware in this time] IS our own Fear Consciousness.

The way we THINK.

Yup…….that IS the “evolutionary period” of “our time”, our “generation”, just as the evolution of our last ‘human period’ was Technology, our evolution of this period is Consciousness.

The transcendence of this ‘bad habit’ or ‘Negative Thinking’ or Fear Consciousness requires the same ‘process’ as any ‘habit’ we are seeking to change.

Just like our bad habits become—-anything we focus upon expands, including our habits……our bad habits are thoughts, feelings, actions we focused on before – probably learned unconsciously, many of them from simply being around others who influenced us, taught us how to be, from family to friends to colleagues………it took time to form our negative habits.

And let it be known, those whom taught us these ‘bad habits’ did so themselves ‘unconsciously’.
Our ‘fear based thinking’ is one that has become ingrained within our Universal Family over many millennia. So much so, it was passed down without nary a need for direction let alone conscious awareness.

Our fear consciousness has become part of our ‘autonomic system’….hence the need to transcend it into consciousness where we may consciously choose to CHANGE it.
Truth be told, our ‘fight-flight’ ‘mentality’ is an instinctual one….and good to have. What we have lost sight of in our educational training and way of being is HOW to make use of this instinct with our intuitive KNOWing, to RESPOND instead of REACT, by fostering a TRUST withIN ourselves regarding our intuitive knowing. If we trusted, that by listening to ourselves in any and all situations we would DO the ‘right’ thing, we would not fall prey to the quickened reactive feelings of our fight – flight instinct. This was NOT taught to us in our schools. As a result, our ‘fight-flight’ instinct has BEcome the louder of the 2 we listen to in any given situation, as opposed to our intuitive knowing. [fear vs love]

Ya gotta BE Conscious of what habits you are seeking to transcend in order to DO what is necessary to transcend them, n’est ce pas.

As with any habit we are seeking to change, we must be patient enough with self to instill new healthier habits, which also means being compassionate and loving with self any time we ‘fall off the wagon’ so as to ensure we get back onto it and try, try, try again.

We will create the new habits…….we ARE!……with dedicated persistence…….and this time we are blissed to be so DOing in complete conscious awareness….CHOOSing habits we KNOW Are good for us and make us feel good.***

Blissed LOVE

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