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“Think with your Heart
Feel with your Mind” Dr. G. Lipstein

What DOes this mean??

Harnessing our Intuition……….Connecting with our “higher self”, our soul……ALLOWing our experience and expression of life to BE ONE that IS of Authenticity…one that IS through SOUL….through LOVE instead of our conditioned mind set of fear.

We ALL have fears…..being here on this planet, not being consciously aware of all aspects of ourselves, [where we were before we came, where we are going after, our astral body, our cellular body, etc…..for whatever reason that is…..] we are INFINITE in nature……we are physical as well as ethereal, micro as well as macro cosmic…..and yet not consciously aware of all these many [infinite] dimensions of self, let alone everything else.

We are this body in so far as it is an expression of us….an extension of who we are….a vessel for the expression of who we are, as much as we are the expression itself and the expressor……we are ALL.

When we get lost in any one of these exclusively we are NOT honouring who we are Authentically.

In this physical form withIN the consciousness paradigm we have BEen for the last several millenia, we have lost sight of this truth and of our non-physical esoteric selves.

We have BEcome victims of our limited linear emotional minds as opposed to living as the divine beings of empowered balancing essence we are.

Our emotions, our thoughts, our bodies, our spirit/soul are ALL ‘GOOD’…..when we USE them as we should.
ALL exist as signals//modes of information//levels of consciousness to assist.

If we want to BE able to attune to our own divinity, to our empowered state of infinite ability we must learn to harness these tools we have been gifted for our experience here upon our Earth School.

Acting on emotion or really impulse alone, generally speaking, gets us into trouble…as DOes acting from pure intellect….

It IS the divine dance of these ‘two faculties’ [one could say infinite faculties, but we shall keep our focus herein upon these two 😉 ]  that ALLOWs for our divinity to shine through….as it IS the divine dance of the physical and non-physical that allows for the miraculous magnificence of our divinity to be experienced, expressed and enJOYed.

Sooo HOW do we DO this?

How do we dance this dance of divinity?
We tap into our INTUITION, and in so DOing BEcome the manifest expression of our Authenticity, the KNOWing guidance of our Soul…..our Personal Legend.
And how do we tap into our intuition?
We USE our compassionate, love based Intellect to ascertain the nature of our emotions and ACT upon those that genuinely, in calm, relaxed, reflection FEEL RIGHT.

In other words…..
We have a whole slew of emotions……it IS necessary that BEfore taking ACTion based upon ANY emotion, [unless we are in a constant state of zen life, agape love//bliss] we ALLOW for Compassionate Contemplation.

Compassionate contemplation; from a place within us that is aligned with agape love, detached from personal agendas and fears.  This is not a simple linear contemplation or one of deductive reasoning or logic based upon a singular perspective that seeks only personal gratification.  The contemplation, the thinking we welcome in IS an ALLOWance of recognition to ascertain the NATURE of the emotion we are feeling… figure out if the emotion FEELS ‘right’ or not from a heightened perspective, one that takes into account the greatest good, for the ‘highest’ benefit of all concerned.  This “compassionate contemplation” is one that seeks to determine if the emotion we are feeling is coming from a place of love or one of fear, and therefore if it is authentic or contrived. In so DOing we KNOW that whatever the results of our ACTions……taking the actions based upon “right feelings” based upon feelings that are inspired by agape love IS what IS ‘right’ or feeding our highest good as well as the highest good and happyness of all parties involved. Again the divine dance……emotion and intellect , the non-physical and physical dancing hand in hand…..

**{Special Note: this is not to eradicate the positive opportunities for divinity’s expression when someone takes actions that are based in fear…for taking such actions provides the opportunity to see where we are not being love and thus to heal, grow, learn, and allow for love….. However…..if we are able to make this recognition BEFORE taking action….choosing LOVE instead of fear, we are acting and therefore proliferating the healthiest environment and energy frequency possible. I understand for some to use a term like ‘right’ when dealing with the infinite, coming from a place of understanding that everything is one and thus even the ‘wrong’ is right can seem limiting in explanation, however, I also think we can agree that if we are able to traverse something in bliss instead of pain, in health instead of dis-ease, it is the preferred method of so doing, n’est ce pas?}

If we are tooooo emotional to sit down, relax and contemplate, than we KNOW we are feeling an impulsive emotion based in Fear and NOT Love.

Thus………when FEELing an Emotion……to KNOW if it is one we should take ACTion upon IS to KNOW BEcause we have contemplated the emotion, to have the Patience to give ourself the space to FEEL the emotion calmly… ascertain if this emotion feels right….to intellectually, from a place of open acceptance and compassion, ascertain the inherent feeling of the emotion as one that is good or not… us. This IS how we KNOW it IS right to take the next step and physically ACT upon our emotions [or not]…….period.

And that “Right” feeling IS a deep seated one, a knowing one, like a thought you can’t get out of your mind, a ‘gut’ feeling if you will, a tingling [NOT a nagging] that won’t stop until you look it in the eye…..and won’t change because you do.

Releasing Fears, Revealing LOVE

We have TWO main choices in life….Fear or Love.
Fear produces disease, LOVE optimal homeostasis

We are MEANT to BE//are at our prime//healthiest when coming from LOVE. This is not fluffy, spiritual, tree hugg’n whoo-ha, this is both scientifically proven as well as experientially witnessed FACT.

Thus…….to think with our hearts and feel with our minds, IS to ALLOW our selves to come from LOVE which IS our Authentic state of BEingness.….in my humbled opinion. It makes sense to me not that any species’ authentic state of being would be one of dis-ease, n’est ce pas????

To live a life of our highest happyness, our fulfilled destiny,we use our intellect to ascertain the nature of our emotion as well as to find/feel the emotion that is authentic to our quintessential state of BEingness……Agape LOVE.
And from here we CHOOSE our ACTions………

Make sense?

What are yOUR thoughts, experiences, insights regarding?

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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