Mind over Matter, manifesting BEaYOUty in our lives

We CHOOSE where to ALLOW our Mind to go

“Mind over Matter”

There IS a reason that this is a commonly used ‘cliche’….
It’s TRUE.

ANY situation we find ourselves within IS what it IS for us BEcause we CHOOSE to define it [interpret it, give meaning to it, perceive it] as we DO.

Ponder here upon…..

And then…
Ask yourself if you like what your definition of your current situation is and if not…….start looking for a new one.

**For example:
Sometimes we find ourselves somewhere we would rather not be…..things are not happening as we would like them to be……an easy re-interpretation of the situation IS to see that where you are IS a necessary step to where you want to be…that it IS a building block to where you are heading to.

This automatically changes how you see the situation itself as well as the energy you are putting forth regarding it, which shall inspire different ACTions than those you would otherwise take from a negative perspective, positively affecting that which comes into physical manifestation.

Blissings of LOVE Consciousness in yOUR every NOW, ALLways*
Radiating LOVE,

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