Making Materialized Manifestation Easy

Manifesting our Dreams

K, so not sure if ya noticed……I tend to go through “blissing phases”….I find a blissing [which I used to call blessing but found the word “blessing” was too ‘religiously associated’] and use that in various forms and creative representations until a I am inspired [divinely receive] a new one [a new blissings]- usually not that different than the old….just a little ‘evolved’//transcended. ;D hee hee

Sooooo my latest blissings has BEen that ALL of our Conscious desires [based withIN agape love] and ALL that we require BE manifest in comfort, ease and joyFullness.

I think it’s time we spend some conscious energy upon the “Ease” part of this fabYOUlous equation….n’est ce pas?

Soooooooo “EASE” or in other words……. “EASY”…..

I went to sleep last night, thinking about how I want my “New Life” [ after 12-12-12 – rebirthing of humanity, the renewal of the mayan calendar, galactic alignments occurring in this now which only occur once every 25000 years, etc….etc….etc….] to BE….ALL the things I want materialized manifest in my life, that which I would like to experience as “my life” and I realized……..

“HELLO!!!! Ya ALLready KNOW what it IS you want…..and guess what, you’ve been telling ‘the universe’, sharing it with friends, family, associates for years…….decades even….no need to ‘revisit’, ‘edit’ or otherwise ‘ensure’ that which I want IS what I want…….BEen there, DOne that.”

And then it struck me…….

I want what I want to BE materialized manifest EASILY………in the richness of the AWEsomeness I envision it to BE with no more struggle.

And that struck withIN me the reMINDer that:
1. that’s part of my current ‘go to blissing’ and,
2. what a HUGE statement about our general societal [species] MIND set….the consciousness paradigm we have all been living under///conditioned through/to.

DO statements like;

“if it comes too easy you won’t appreciate it”
“the struggle makes it so worth it in the end”
“nothing good every comes easy”
“life is a bitch and then ya die”…….

ring any bells for ya?

Yup……it’s that FEAR based consciousness paradigm we have been living under like brainwashed zombies walking around manifesting the very things we really, really do NOT want to experience in life ‘cuz well….that’s how we have been taught to regard life.

Well hahneys……..2012 was our reBIRTHing which means it was our OPPORTUNITY to “set the stage” anew to walk into our life experience withIN a NEW Consciousness Paradigm that IS uplifting, assisting, empowering and enLIGHTening, not one that is demeaning, belittling, disrespecting and hurting.

Let’s DO that…….

Let’s make some Consciousness Shifts in how we regard HOW LIFE is “supposed to be” from struggle to ease, from having to prove our worth to KNOWing our worth, from having to work like a dog to the carefree life of a dog, whose life experience is one of unconditional LOVE.

Let’s change those cliches we live by.
Let’s change the consciousness paradigm we live by.

Let’s walk into our New Life, this rebirthing we are sooooo gifted the opportunity to experience in Conscious Awareness and thus make Conscious Choices, and BE Conscious Co-Creators of our experience of life. Let’s CHOOSE to Create a life of Comfort, EASE and JOYFullness.…..a life where we KNOW we are Deserving of comfort, ease and joyFullness, where we KNOW that life is MEANT to BE one of comfort, ease and joyFullness, of blissFull serenity, peaceFull adventure, exciting discovery, party’n growth, transcendence and awesome expansion.

Let’s make up our ‘minds’ to set forth the stage for our “new life” as ONE that manifests our highest happyness EASILY.

This IS my BLISSing to ONE and ALL of WE…….our HIGHest HAPPYness manifest in comfort, ease and joyFullness and a life withIN which we are gifted the opportunity to simply enJOY, enJOY, enJOY the materialized manifestation [as well as multi-dimensional] of our conscious dreams of love’s light each and every day in ever expanding BEaYOUtyFull ways.

~*~ Bliss ~*~ Bliss ~*~ Bliss ~*~

Radiating LOVE,

**Please DO SHARE yOUR comments, thoughts, perspectives, and insights of LOVE’s Wisdom in the comments section BElow.
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