Labels, Labels, Labels…..

ONE [there are many] of the reasons I chose, after receiving a degree in psychology through my ‘formal’ education at McGill University, to augment my educational studies through the independent and mentored studies of the metaphysical sciences [& continue to so DO to this day….learning IS infinite] as opposed to sticking strictly to the social sciences IS the TRAPPings of LABELS…..

As human BEings we IDENTIFY with labels….and by identify I refer to our very Personal Identity, how we ourselves see, perceive, feel about, recognize, DEFINE who we ourselves are to ourselves and thus others.

As soon as we are “labelled” anything, there IS a much greater propensity for our mind to adopt that label and OWN it.

NOT such a great idea when the labels BEing dolled out are “Disorders”…..

The reality IS we are ALL “disordered”….we ALL have “issues”, “difficulties” dealing with life situations, “challenges” that push us to the threshold of our composed grace.

We also ALL have Blissings of Divine proportion to assist us deal with these situations, issues, difficulties, & challenges or as I PREFER to say//perceive them as, “Opportunities for Growth & Healing” and thus provide a guidelight shining where we may expand our consciousness and BEingness of LOVE.

Focussing on the label of our opportunity for growth or ‘weakness’, or ‘illness’, or ‘disorder’, as some may term it, as opposed to the opportunity itself, ONLY acts to bring us down and restrict us in a predetermined definition as opposed to lift us up and provide for us the opportunity, the chance and choice to grow, learn, evolve, change, and heal.  One BEcomes a prison whilst the other a gateway to soar.

Hence why the guidance [therapy, coaching, counsel] I provide IS WHOLEistic in nature [seeing YOU as a WHOLE BEing not a disorder or disease] and does NOT focus on labels but on HEALing, or more succinctly stated, LOVing SELF.***

Small difference that makes all the difference in the world.*

Be wary of labels my dear sweet Angel friends……unless they are lifting you up…….they are dragging YOU and thus everyone around you down……

**Special Note on labelling in general: it IS recognized by this author the importance labels hold in providing an identifying factor by which many individuals may come to understand something – such as the label “car” for example, by using that word we all know to which I refer.

Having said that as soon as we ‘label’ something we also separate it from everything else, like each of us having our own names……separating ourselves from each other in so doing.

It IS a very ‘tight rope’ if you will we walk and staying balanced therein, key.

If you have been given a label or have labeled yourself with something for ease of communication and comprehension, just remember that all things are malleable and transient and don’t get stuck to the label. BE Open and make use of the label in ways that are assisting to you as opposed to getting stuck in an identity you can’t find your way out of and worse yet, one that is bringing you down, as stated above, instead of rising you up into the full expression of your divine authenticity. [yup, another a label….but generally speaking a good one, n’est ce pas. 😉 ]

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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