Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Third Eye


Our third eye….gateway to our more expanded dimensions of consciousness [just like our veins and arteries are a gateway to our blood cells….just another dimension of our existence which exists on mulitple dimensions simultaneously…..] IS more readily “activated” or ‘KNOWn’ to us consciously when we EAT HEALTHY Foods and pARTicipate in Healthy ACTivities for our bodies.

Yup, love your body and your body will love ya back.***
And more so…….assist in manifesting a life that YOU love as well. :)

Our bodies are our signalling system….everything we experience upon our Earth School IS experienced THROUGH these vessels and thus the “Cleaner” and Healthier our vessel the easier it IS to use ALL parts thereof [including our communication signalling system with our expanded consciousness through the pineal gland in our brain] in greater ease and clarity and thus so receive the communications stemming there from. Having a grander perspective, a ‘heightened’ perspective provides us with greater insight and KNOWing into what [actions, feelings & thoughts] IS TRUEly for our HIGHest HAPPYness. In other words, we are more readily able to access our intuitive KNOWing and thus make better decisions in our life.

PAY ATTENTION to What YOU are putting into yOUR body and how you are treating your body and choose to so DO from LOVE*
LOVE YOUR BODY…….give it the tender loving care it requires and desires and we ALL BEnefit as a result.
Doncha love how that works. ?

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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