Soooo for most of us, however fab our lives may be, we have things we would like to see made manifest [materialized physically, achieved spiritually, etc..etc…] in our lives that are not, n’est ce pas?

Most of us have wishes, dreams, goals, objectives, etc…we are striving to see realized, right?

Pretty natural for an evolving existence……and one thing fahshure we can say IS that “change IS a constant” even when no change appears apparent.

Okay, sooooooo here’s something that may seem completely counter-indicative to achieving our goals, dreams, visions, etc…but actually IS kinda like one of those “Catch 22’s of life” we are all soooooo familiar with:

WHAT IF…………..
this is it…….your life as it is today is as good as it gets…..[not that its gonna get worse- just as it is NOW].

find acceptance?
find things for which to be grrreatFull for?
find happyness? fulfillment?
resolve to embrace where it IS you are in this NOW in gratitude and LOVE?

Here’s the ‘physics’ BEhind this question, and the resulting inspired pondering and realized consciousness paradigm…if we choose to so realize it that is:

Having desires for ‘more’ IS, as we have stated above, a ‘natural’ tendency of an ever evolving species such as ourselves.

However…….having a desire and lamenting upon it essentially sends forth an energy frequency that communicates a LACK thereof.

To elaborate, if you have a desire for something it is because you do not have the something you desire or the desire simply put, would no longer be. You would be too busy enjoying the experience of that which you had desired to even be pondering upon it let alone lamenting over it not being materialized yet.

Make sense?

Soooooo the ‘trick’ or ‘catch 22′ of the physics BEhind enJOYing that which we desire, BEhind assisting that which we desire come into manifest materialization faster IS… acKNOWledge your desire, ALLOW yourSELF to FEEL what experiencing the reality of your desire manifest WILL feel like [imagination//visualization] and then……letting go of it.

Letting go meaning we do not give it any more energy ‘cuz the likelihood is that the energy we give to our desires after we have gone through this process will include thoughts and feelings of it not BEing manifest yet, which shall only put off its being manifest because that is the energy frequency you are communicating through such thoughts.

Soooooooo……we have our desire, we allow ourself to FEEL its reality and then we let it go BEcause we are Confident and therefore Relaxed in the intrinsic//intuitive KNOWing that it IS in the process of coming into our lives, making itself known to us in materialized physical form.

We TRUST this to BE so, BEcause we KNOW the physics of energy, the law of attraction, the power of our directed, intended co-creative energy flow and thus are we released to simply enJOY that which already IS in our lives for ALL the fabYOUlousness which that which IS, IS. 😉

Make sense?
Please DO let me KNOW your thoughts in the comments section BElow.

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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