Where, How, When, Why did we learn fear?


Ya KNOW how when someONE scares us we can get really angry……like when someONE is disoriented and walks out into the middle of the street, and we are fearFull for their safety…..and instead of lovingly guiding them back to the sidewalk we yell at them to get their hiney outta the road??? Or how about when we like someONE and instead of cozying up to them or letting them know of our positive attraction, we shy away, sometimes even avoiding them outright??? Or when we are feeling less than about self and instead of sharing these feelings with our significant partners in life we lash out at them in anger?

Ever ONEder where we learned to respond from fear instead of LOVE?

Things that make ya go hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Perhaps, just perhaps, things that make ya ponder there upon to find new ways to inspire responses based withIN LOVE from withIN Self that we may BE the example to ALL others learning how to BE Human. 😀
How BLISSFully deLIGHTFull it shall BE when ALL of WE are coming from our inherently Divine Light of LOVE, n’est ce pas. 😀 😀 😀

Radiating LOVE,

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