What story are you telling about your life?

Dream Maker, Story Teller

If you don’t like something about your life, change the story you have around it…look for the positive perspective, your body is listening.

As much as we respond to our bodies’ signals, our bodies respond to our thoughts and feelings.

If there is something you don’t like about your life, past, present or future, YOU CAN CHANGE the story surrounding it, you can change the perspective through which you are gazing upon and thus interpreting it.?? The cells of your beingness, from your neurons to your liver cells, ALL respond to your thoughts and feelings.

Tell your self life IS fabYOUlous and your cells WILL HEAR you. 😀

***If for example you want to lose weight…..

Instead of telling yourself how much weight you need to lose, how big or fat you are, etc…..which is only feeding your cells direction that you are big, fat and needing to lose weight, tell yourself what a great metabolizing body you have, tell your body how fabyoulously it digests foods, uses all the nutrients it can get out of foods, and removes any and all toxins and unnecessary remaining aspects thereof.

At the same time, instead of telling yourself you have to exercise to get fit and shed those extra pounds, point out to yourself where you are active and how much you enjoy yourself when you are.

Belittling self only makes us feel unworthy and undeserving. It promotes feelings of failure and thus depressed levels of happyness which only act to demotivate us instead of inspire us.

Even if we are not doing all we want to be doing towards our goals, pointing out the small things we are DOing act to motivate and inspire us to DO more.

Coming from a POSITIVE, Supportive Perspective IS a Choice we can ALL make and in so DOing TRUEly DO all we can to assist, uplift, empower and HEAL self. 😀

***Here’s another example for ya;
if you are unhappy with a past relationship….

Instead of telling yourself what a failure you are, or what a horrible mistake you have made, point out to yourself all the lessons you learned in having the experience, the gifts you have taken away from the experience that you shall be able to put to use moving forward, in establishing healthier relationships based in authentic love.

How we talk to ourself affects how we feel and motivates our physical actions.
How we choose to perceive a situation affects how we talk to ourself,
the interpretations and meanings we attribute to anything we experience in life.

Choosing to come from a perspective of LOVE IS ALLways your best bet for SELF, homeostasis and everyone and thing else in your life and life in general.

We truely are AL connected…..soooooo when one of us DOes something to uplift self, we are all positively affected as a result.

Loving Self IS loving ALL. 😀

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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