What are we afraid of?


Okay, so what’s the big deal about facing our fears anyways???

It’s mostly a mental thang anyways….spending countless hours worrying about what May be, conjuring horrible stories of what Might happen, as opposed to actually physically enACTing or experiencing our fear. Especially in those situations where we are purposeFully CHOOSing to heal.
And yet, even when intentionally seeking to heal, to face our fears, do we can make facing these mental thoughts, amongst the most difficult of things we do.

Well, that’s becasue facing our fears brings forth TRUTHs we may NOT have otherwise BEen wanting to face.

New information [or information we have ALLways had but NOT wanted to look at] inspires NEW CHOICEs which in turn materialize new ACTions that DO cause physically manifest change in our lives.

Change we may have feared prior to facing our fears, ;D which once we DO, are no longer sooooo scary anymore…….however life altering ACTing upon them may BE.

**Which just goes to show ya……..how infinitely powerFull we are as the co-CREATORs of our lives.

It is that we need to start to TRUST in that which IS, to be open to see that if there is something in our lives that is not bringing us happyness, we have choices available, choices that we can make to change our experience.

CHOICE……it can BE 1 small choice……to DO 1 small thing differently than BEfore and yet…..our entire lives are transformed as a result.

It may seem scary to take that step, to make a change, so start off slowly, with just one baby step and see how that feels and where it takes you, what new information and thus choices become available as a result.

In every NOW….every moment, we have the CHOICE...the choice to BE however we CHOOSE to BE…..in every moment……indeed……not only in facing our fears have we the potential to make life altering decisions in simply BEing. In every moment have we this life altering, affecting ability. Indeed…..DO we make this life altering/affecting decision in every NOW of our experience of BEing….even when that decision IS to NOT make change.

May we ALL make the decision to LOVE SELF and DO what IS necessary to bring forth into our experience of BEingnss that which IS of our HIGHest HAPPYness.

Radiating LOVE,

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