DO YOU, Can YOU Trust in LOVE?

We’ve heard it time and again…..

If ya wanna manifest your dreams come true ya gotta align your self withIN a vibrational harmony with that which you are desiring……

When we are gifted the experience of our authentic desires [desires of love not fear] we are in a state of bliss, called by some happyness or LOVE.

Sooooooooo if we are wanting to invite in these experiences – if they are not manifest in our lives currently, aligning our selves with LOVE [feelings of blissfulness or happyness] IS the “How” we so DO.

This means we have to TRUST that in so DOing – in putting our faith in LOVE, we are in fact DOing that which IS necessary to welcome in these experiences manifest in our physical experience.

Are YOU, can you, do you Trust in LOVE?

For many of us it is not only counter intuitive [due to millenia of fear based conditioning] but ridiculous to think that if we simply trust that following our bliss, doing that which makes us happy, choosing to think about the potential good versus the potential bad IS ALL that IS required to make it manifest and yet…….it IS.

WE tend to not only put our focus upon the potential negative outcomes but to DO, DO, DO in frantic states, ALL we can to protect us from these perceived potential negative outcomes.

This “be prepared for the worst”, “be realistic” mind set in fact only welcomes in the negative outcomes…..’cuz that’s where we are putting our focus, our energy, and our directed support.

When we ALLOW our selves to focus on the positives, to trust that LOVE will carry us through, [even when facing ‘difficult’ situations] we are supporting that which we authentically require and desire to be made manifest in our lives.

A ‘difficult’ task for many especially when facing ‘difficult’ situations {ie: loss of a job, financial difficulties, health issues, etc….} however…..TRUEly the way we DO invite in that which IS required to assist us with these very situations.

In other words….
If for example you are facing health issues, focusing on the health problems, saying to yourself how sick you are and how difficult a situation you are in, is only going to make it more difficult.

On the other hand if you can focus on the positives…..and there IS ALLways positives – even if really, really itty bitty small ones, assists in the expansion of those positives.

For example, you may be feeling really ill, but……you are here, you are living, breathing, experiencing life… woke up today. Not necessarily the, “I’m healthy as a horse feeling” we all prefer to feel, however, when we are experiencing illness, focusing on even these minute/monumental gifts of life assists us in ‘getting back on the horse’ again. ;D

Coming from this vantage point of gratitude for that which IS positive in our lives is HOW we assist our situation to expand there upon and thus increase the physically manifest positive experiences in our lives.

Some may say it requires a “leap of faith” however….we have ALL experienced this FACT in our own lives on many an occasion, as well as witnessing it in other’s lives. (Not to mention paying witness for the last millennia to how it all functions in the ‘reverse’…..manifesting our fears.- How amazing have we shown ourselves to BE at that.*** Manifesting Mavens and Mavericks….just of the ‘wrong’ things…..)

Maintaining our example, we have heard from doctors and scientists alike that the health of an individual has as much to do with their mental state of being as their physical…that in FACT the mental state affects the physical DRASTICALLY.

Soooooooooo let’s give it a try shall we?

Let’s CHOOSE, even through any and all of the potential b.s. that may BE in our lives, to focus on the positives, to TRUST that in ALLOWing SELF to “BE LOVE”, to feel love, and to focus our attentions, thoughts and actions on LOVE, that LOVE Will in fact provide ALL that we authentically [our natural homeostasis state of being is perpetuated by a being in a state of LOVE] require and desire in our lives, and see what happens.

Try it out for a day, an hour, a week, a lifetime and see what happens. 😀

“Nothing has to happen immediately, this minute, or right now.
It’s okay to pause for just a moment. Just take a breath.
Then go quietly inside.
Ask Life Itself to lead you to
your best outcome.

There’s nothing you have to do, really, except
get out of your own way.
… know what I mean?

Love, Your Friend….
Neale Donald Walsch”

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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