Tripp’n the Light Transcendence


There IS much deep cleansing, clearing, healing occurring for ALL of WE…

Letting go of our conditioning, that tells us “what YOU see IS what IS” and “what you see is what you get”…..

that we may embrace TRUTH….
Not necessarily an “easy” thing to accept, embrace and flow through.

Suddenly BEing asked to experience life from a brand new perspective, through a brand new set of eyes.
As blasé as this statement may seem, as simplex as this concept may be, imagine if you will one of your deep seated BEliefs BEing turned inside out and upside down on you.

How would that affect your life?

If for example you suddenly came into new knowledge that your concept of “God” or the “after life” was wrong, how would that affect your life in general?
If for example you suddenly came into new knowledge that your concept of “Love” and “Marriage” was wrong, how would that affect your life in general?
If for example, you suddenly came into new knowledge that everything you have been eating has been slowly killing you instead of healing you, how would that affect your life in general?

Small, easy to understand concepts which when manifest into experiential BEingness BEcome HuGe.

Well, that IS what we are transcending through right NOW, ALL of WE, together as our consciousness expands, our awareness increases and the significant amount of KNOWledge we are each receiving clarifies.

We are learning, learning to
Trust in that which is NOT Seen,
that which IS CREATing that which BEcomes seen.
We have BEen taught backwards. We have been taugh that which IS seen is where should BE focusing our attentions, intentions, and energy when in fact that which is seen is the very LAST Stage of manifested experience.

The unseen energy, the empowered state of KNOWing, the mighty manifesting force of our thoughts and feelings…
which we CHOOSE to give our attentions and voice to,
which we CHOOSE to ACT from…….-This, this IS the FIRST Stage of manifested experience….that which IS unseen.

This IS the realignment of our Mind out of fear [trusting only in what you sense physically] into LOVE, [trusting in that which YOU sense intrinsically, intuitively, energetically, metaphysically].

This IS “the trip”, the healing journey we are ALL upon…..and the transition from one state of mind [fear] to another [love] can at times BE a little bit…. “trippy”…..hee hee hee

Hence why we like to say that enLIGHTenment IS insanity.  Let’s embrace the insanity of LOVE, shall we. 😀

la la la la LOVE,

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