The Wolf or the Kitten who are YOU giving Voice to?

who do you give voice to, the wolf or the kitten in you

Free Will means we’ve got it ALL babay……every aspect of BEing human, each of we, withIN us the ability to so choose how, who, what to BE.

In other words, withIN every ONE of us IS the capacity to BE a Mother Theresa as much as there IS a murderer.?? The question IS which of the many aspects that make us, who we are, that make YOU, YOU, DO YOU CHOOSE to give Voice to??? The wolf or the kitten, which DO YOU CHOOSE to feed?

A good question to ponder IS, “Are YOU Consciously Choosing?”.

Turns out more often than not, when we Consciously Choose, it IS LOVingly……how about that.

?****Special NOTE***

We ALL have and may again CHOOSE to “feed the wolf”. Instead of getting upset with Self for so DOing…recognize the opportunity for growth presented.

Like any “lesson learned”, it may take a few times hearing it, learning it, repeating it BEfore we really get it down……and once we DO……c’est automatic! Just like driving a bicycle or tying our laces or learning to use “the potty”.

If we wanna learn the lesson of LOVE.….heal those ‘wolf’ aspects of SELF that have BEen ‘released’, generally speaking through some negatively interpreted past experience we MUST BE Patient with ourself. When we have an experience we interpret negatively [and yes, sometimes an experience can just be seen as negative by everyone, like child abuse for example…no ‘interpretation’ necessary.] we have feelings, thoughts and at times physically manifest ACTions associated there with [inspired into BEingness from that experience] we may not be too pleased with Self about. These experiences may have ‘released’ angers [in thought, emotion or physically expressed] for example we never felt, thought or acted upon before.

BE patient with your self and the lessons being learnt and taught to self. [or more apropo, the process of releasing the “wrong lesson” to ALLOW for our inherent state of homeostasis- BEing LOVE- to BE once again.]

Keeping with our example, the anger may have come as a result of feeling unworthy, subhuman, disrespected, etc… when subject to child abuse.  Reconciling these erroneous thoughts may require processing through the experience in order to heal from them.  Keep in mind, even though these thoughts and feelings and potentially resulting action may have been isnpired by the actions of another, if you are the one feeling the anger you are the one most affected by it, not the one who inspired it. Futher more ACTing from a place of anger only brings more negativity into our lives.

In allowing our self to be open to listen to our anger, [in this specific example, it can BE ANY negatively charged thought or feeling] to journey the adventure from which the anger was derived, are we able to understand, let go and thus release the anger, making way for the light of LOVE to enter and thus for us to so embody.

Getting upset with your self for feeling the anger or any ‘negatively affecting emotion or thought’ does NOT leave room for growth: understanding, letting go, allowing, releasing, healing and CHOOSing Consciously NEW [inherent/innate actually] ways of responding. 😀

So, acKNOWledge the feelings and thoughts that are bringing you down, that are heavy to your BEing, that inspire ACTions you would rather NOT participate within, without judgement thereto. Look at them, talk with them, USE them to HEAL self in patience, understanding and LOVE. The more we so DO the greater our opportunity to usher in the kitten in all areas of our experience of BEingness.

Radiating LOVE,

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