The truth is…..we know not the truth.


In our fervent quest to ask and know “Why?” what the meaning of life IS, I humbly suggest we choose to Not ask and simply make a choice and allow our self to relish there withIN.

The truth is…..we know not the truth. 😀

We KNOW NOT where we come from or for that matter to where we go once we transcend our physical life.
We KNOW NOT the “TRUE Meaning of Life”….outside of the ONE we CHOOSE to make of it.

If in fact the meaning of life is what it is to each of we individually based upon our CHOICE in what definition to adhere thereto, it only makes sense to choose a meaning that is upilfting, enhancing, blossoming, empowering, enLIGHTening to YOU, n’est ce pas???

I have mySELF dedicated the greater breadth of my life’s existence in humbled devotion to asking why? what? where? when? who? how? in service to and for the BEnefit of ALL of We.

And…..after 2 decades of said dedicated devotion have I discovered that we really don’t have the answers we ALL seek.….at least NOT in any physically manifest manner that we can state in 100% conclusive satisfaction.

Sooo where DOes that leave us in this NOW of our existence??
Do we hang it all up, give it all in, or….do we take heed to the facts that we DO KNOW conclusively.…which IS…..though we may not the grander picture have the answers for, [ ie: “what IS it ALL for?”], we DO KNOW, each of we, what brings us our HAPPYness, what makes us comfortable in life, what values, BEliefs, ideas, points of view, people, places and things bring us peace, BLISS and serenity. 😀

Sooooooooo let us then make the decision to make the choices in our lives that are of our HIGHest HAPPYness……soooo simple, soooo easy……NOW….let’s DO, DO, DO it!


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