The Language of LOVE


Who we are – regardless of our situation in life, IS WHO we CHOOSE to BE and HOW we CHOOSE to BE.  We can ALL, ALLways CHOOSE to BE however we want to BE….this IS our Gift of Infinite Possibilities.

If ONE IS wanting to Change HOW they are BEing………??LANGUAGE IS an excellent place to BEgin.

What IS the language of yOUR life?
What are the “regular go to words” in yOUR Mind’s library?
Which words DO YOU CHOOSE to use when thinking, feeling about YOU?
Small little changes can make HUGE BIG Differences.

For example: When I was in my early thirties I accepted that my understanding/vision/inherent KNOWing regarding “god” was NOT that of the standard definition thereof and thus CHOSE to NOT use that word when describing that which IS my own personal view….which IS LOVE.**

Makes a HUGE difference this ONE little word change, n’est ce pas??
Try it out….using “LOVE” instead of “God” and see for yOUR SELF…or if more comfortable try another simple word change like for example….

Instead of using the word “Friends” for those who have BLISSed yOUR life with their Gift, use the word “Angels”.

Instead of using words like “Fat, Wierd, Lazy, Failure, Struggle…” try using words that are more uplifting, assisting & empowering like “Vivaciously Voluptuous, Eccentric, Contemplative, Knowledge, Opportunity…” just a few examples where simple changes in our language can make a world of difference in our manifest lives.

The words we CHOOSE to use out of the infinite combinations there are, affect how we think and feel about life, self, and everything, which of course affects our ACTions there after, which affects that which IS actualized in physical manifestation.

In addition to the words we choose is the manner by which we choose to use them. What is the tone of your voice when speaking? What are the inflections in your speech, pitch and overall body language when expressing your self?

There are MANY, MANY, MANY tools, tips and tricks available to us to assist us in transcending out of the muck and mire of our fear conditioned minds and into the light, airy breeze of bliss that IS our heart based minds……..Language IS a KEY in ALL.***

Gett’n ‘back to basics’ as it were……paying attention to the tools we DO use and making them ‘work for us’ instead of against us.

What are some examples YOU can share with ALL of WE to assist each of us in CHOOSing new, uplifting, empowering, and enhancing ways of BEing LOVE?
Please DO share BElow in the comments section.

**obviously 1 of the ways that I play with language IS with the words themselves…..with my capitals and spelling changes which I DO to bring focused attention that I may inspire an aware state of BEing……for really ALL that transcendence/enlightenment/ascension is about IS “BEing Aware”…….just ‘waking up to TRUTH’, to what ‘IS’ in~of~for~through LOVE. 😀

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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