The HEART is the portal towards Ascension: as channelled through Karen Donnan

Beating Heart of LOVE

You as human are being called to release long held grief, sadness, judgments, regrets of decisions and any emotions that are dense, discordant or conflicted. It is important to allow and consciously engage in the release, healing, and transformation of dense low vibrating emotional energy that you have experienced in your physical body and life.

We continue to remind you that your heart’s electrical field is sixty time greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by your brain. The magnetic field radiating from the heart is thousands of times more expansive in strength than the energy frequencies generated by the physical brain. Your heart is a portal; your heart is a gateway that connects you to your galactic self, to one another, to the matrix of this planet, to all dimensions and the stars. It is the intelligence of your heart that offers personal and global healing.

It is within the sacred heart that the alchemical process of transformation takes place. This is where there is a merger of all-that-is. This is the chalice that holds truth and wisdom. As a galactic citizen, a celestial being it is important that you heal, transform and release the physical human grief, sadness and regret which you are carrying in your heart. First your physical life will reflect this healing; more important, however, is that the portal of your heart will be clear and receptive to the divine connection, your divine guidance and you will radiate coherent emotions into the weaving of this planet’s matrix.

This is work for all humans, for it is the heart that makes the connection with others and with the divine. If the heart of the physical human is energetically congested with old emotions of hurt or grief or distrust then the richer and fuller connection with divine is distorted. In some cases the heart is energetically closed to others therefore it is closed to the divine.

It is time that humanity heals the wounded heart.

~ brought to you in LOVE by the High Council of Orion through Karen Donnan ~

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