Roni’s drifting thoughts of love for the benefit of all.*

Words of LOVE's Wisdom

~~When we are loving our self we are “HOT” and everyone around is affected on a raw level of BEingness Positively and Pleasurably.

~~Time is an illusion BEcause that which is the quintessential essence of ALL of WE is Energy and we ALL KNOW Energy DOes NOT Die……

~~If we can let go of our worries about “BEing Right” and instead BE TRUE to our SELF~submerge SELF in BEing LOVE, we can realize ALL of our Dreams.

~~When we recognize that Death is NO MORE than a Change of Clothes,
we can release sooooo many of our fears, self judgments and anxieties,
we can let go of time lines, age-ism, comparisons and competition,
we can LET GO of our Fears and ALLOW SELF to BlissFully Go with the Flow of life, naturally, smoothly, in a relaxed state of calm serenity and joyFull appreciation.

~~Every morning and evening when you wake and before going to sleep, spend a few moments with SELF in Gratitude for that which IS and in visualization for that which YOU ARE CREATing.
Take a moment to appreciate the meaning, intention and deliberate CREATION BEhind these words:

“Today is The Best Day Ever”.

Every day IS “the Best Day Ever”, BEcause every day is a continuation from the last….we are living within the eternal NOW, infinite BEings.

~~Let us focus our attentions on the GOOD, the FABulous that IS in our world, upon our Earth School, in one another and in SELF.

When we focus on the good, each of we, in ALL that IS, including the I in ME, ALL the Changes upon/to our Earth School we ALL seek to BE, we shall see ALLready Are. :)
~~We’re really good at contemplating the “what if’s” of negative potentials… about we so DO with the Positive potentials instead? :)

~~Don’t try to BE better than someone else, ALLOW yOUR SELF to be the You, you LOVE your Self to be ~ embrace your Gift, your Miraculous love.
Genius’, Gurus, Yogis, Professionals, Experts, ALL are but another you and me, who have dedicated their lives to emanating a particular Frequency.
Use NOT another to measure your Self against, to give self ‘the right to BE YOU’ or the affirmation that you are “DOing Right”.~ You are you and as you, you are a Divine BEing of love’s light. LOVE SELF~

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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