Realize = Real Eyes

Real Eyes Realize

‘Funny’ thing I noticed…..pARTicipating in a most ONEderFull, infinitely giving, providing and receiving healing circle here in the embrace of Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary, sharing in the focused intent of each individual for their own personal healing journey……The very things we are wanting to BE in our lives the most, are the very things that are MOST in our lives. 😀

It IS our DOUBT thereof that causes the lack of awareness – that leaves us with out the ability to realize…..see through our “real eyes” [eyes of LOVE and Gratitude] the TRUTH of our BEingness.

We are sooooo silly!!!
?……….soooooooo hard on our SELVes are we.

‘Tis ‘time’ to BE LOVing to SELF, to BEgin to put our focus on the things about self that we love as opposed to those things we think are not ‘good enough’.

Amazingly when we DO…the things we love flourish – like a well tended garden, and the ones we don’t Naturally dissipate……like weeds [fears] in our gardens BEing taken care of by the overflowing growth of other healthy natural flora [love], leaving no room for any weeds [fear] as they spread their roots [love] withIN the lush, BEaYOUtyFull gardens of LOVE [that is we, BEings of LOVE’s Light]. 😀

Radiating LOVE,

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