Reaffirming Commitment, BEing Present


“When our wanting becomes an empty neediness, we push the result we most desire away. Best we live in heartfelt gratitude for what we already have!” Clive Harvey Fox

On Relationships:

It may feel “scary” to think of it, BEcause we have BEen so conditioned to hold onto fear based thinking in relation thereto, HOWEVER…….

when in a relationship it IS ALLways a good idea, every now and again to reAFFIRM yOUR presence thereIN….to BE withIN a [committed – even friendships, business relationships etc….have a level of commitment therein, n’est ce pas] relationship CONSCIOUSLY by a CHOICE of Desire based withIN LOVE, as opposed to a choice of Need based within Fear.

The “scary” part for many IS allowing SELF to ponder there upon, which essentially means to see SELF withIN the relationship for ALL that IS ONEderFull withIN it, from a state of gratitude, but also to see one’s SELF OUT of the relationship standing on one’s own, and ALL that IS ONEderFull thereIN and then………
from this balanced perspective to come back to our ponderings regarding the [any] relationship and see how it ‘jives’, feels, resonates with us.

Asking questions of self such as; “IS it somewhere we really WANT to BE or are we pARTicipating thereIN out of some fear of BEing on our own, or not BEing withIN the relationship itself?” IS all-ways a good way to allow for some clarity to reveal itself.

If we are investing withIN a relationship, pARTicipating withIN a shared journey with another BEing, it should BE one that IS done Consciously from a perspective of LOVE Consciousness……thus by free choice not forced fear.

It IS ALLways a good thing to reAFFIRM yOUR commitment withIN any relationship YOU find yOUR SELF and thus acKNOWledge yOUR gratitude thereto, therefore increasing the LOVE Consciousness experienced thereIN.


Radiating LOVE,

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