“Everything YOU need Will come to YOU at the purrrfect time.”

Sweet Earth Angels Divine instead of “hoping” it IS so, BElieve that it IS so…..
Change yOUR own energy frequency signature from hoping to BElieving and YOU WILL see changes manifesting sooner rather than later. 😀
For those who are having a difficult time letting go of worries, stresses and strains…..fears essentially conditioning into our thinking paradigm, simply ALLOW yOUR SELF each and every day to ponder upon this notion of Pronoia.

This IS the “how” we go from hoping to BElieving.  We ALLOW our self to think positively and then see for ourself the actual positive affects positive thinking has in our manifest lives.  We experience it for ourselves first hand and thus go from hoping to KNOWing and therefore BElieving. 😀

Pronoia IS the notion that the Universe [or whatever word you prefer to use to refer to that which connects ALL of we to each other and ALL that IS, ever was or will BE, such as “Energy”, “Love”, “God”…..] IS fully supporting us in manifesting whatever it IS we are resonating/emitting out into the ALL/world. In other words, if you are constantly thinking worrisome thoughts, that which you shall attract to you in your physically manifest experience of life will BE things to cause you to worry. On the other hand if that which you are emitting, your energetic signature or vibrational frequency IS one of bliss and love, then that which you shall attract/receive shall BE that which inspires more bliss and love in your experience of life.

“At ANY moment, anything can happen!
Did your mind go to all the bad that could happen or all the good that could happen?? A great barometer for knowing what next you will manifest.” LiFe DeSigN & CreaTioN

Pronoia IS the BElief that we are supportedin which ever way we CREATE from the choices we make regarding the thoughts we ALLOW to occupy our mind’s attention.
Thus…in simply choosing to allow your mind to think about thoughts such as the one above;  that all we require IS delivered in perfect timing for us, we are aligning our own vibration with a frequency that shall attract experiences that will reflect this in our actualized life.

Try it out, for a day:
Wake up in the morning and allow yourself some time, let’s say 5 minutes to think about how life is wanting what is best for you and that life is wanting you to be happy, healthy and blissFully fulfilled.
Then, through out your day, time 2-3 minutes here and there to reMIND yourSELF of this. Get creative with it, get specific with it, just get with it. ;D
Then, at the end of your day, think about all the fabYOUlous things that happened in yOUR day, even if there were not so fabyoulous things…..focus on the fabyoulous ones, on all the things YOU have to BE grrreatFull for and ALL the things you are looking forward to experiencing tomorrow, even if there are things you are not looking forward to experiencing, and then once again, reMIND yourSELF how the Universe~Life~etc… IS totally backing YOU up, supporting YOU and providing ALL that YOU desire and require in the most purrrrfect ways possible, just for YOU.

Then………do it again. 😀
And of course, please DO come back here and let us ALL KNOW how it goes. We are enthusiastically anticipating yOUR responses.***

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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