Manifesting Birthday Wishes


:) K, so tomorrow IS the anniversary of my day of physical incarnation upon our gorgeous Earth School and my ONE “Birthday Wish” IS for ALL that I experience, ALL that I desire and require withIN my life to so BE that which IS of my HIGHest HAPPYness, manifest in Sweet, Smooth, Easy BLISS in our eternal NOW. :)

As such, I Welcome ALL of my intentional desires of Authentic LOVE for SELF into my physically experienced embrace.

As I so “wish” this for SELF, DO I on BEhalf of ALL of WE.
_()_ Intentional Energy IS sent forth,?BLISSedly may we ALL BE. _()_ *

ONEderFull thing about BLISSing SELF with ONE’s HIGHest HAPPYness IS that for ONE to BE HAPPY means that ALL those around them, withIN their life IS HAPPY too!

LOVE how LOVE takes care of ALL. :)

Okay, so my ONE birthday request of ALL of WE ONEderFull Earth Angels Divine IS to, at some point during yOUR day tomorrow, read this “birthday wish” of mine and send forth yOUR Intentional Energy towards its manifestation in yOUR life and the life of ALL of WE, ALL that IS, ever was or will BE. 😀 *****


Blissedly it IS
Radiating LOVE

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