Making use of our Healing tools


We all know a lot of “good things”, “positive tools” we can use to assist ourselves in our lives, in manifesting our happyness……the question is are you putting these good things/positive tools to use in your life?

For example, we know that focusing on the good things (things we love) about self will naturally expand there upon and thus naturally without any effort diminish those things about self we don’t necessarily love.

Yet, more often than not we focus on the “bad” things, the things we want to improve upon instead of the things we LOVE.

And this is but ONE example of a plethora of tools we have available to us.

Another example…..see everyone as a child.….treat everyone with the gentillity that you would a child~~~patience, compassion, understanding, gentle tones, etc…..

We know in so doing we create/maintain an environment of calm peaceFullness imbued in LOVE.

Yet, more often than not, when we are dealing with adults, especially when something has gone ‘awry’ we treat one another with brashness, we are disrespectful, hurtful, impatient, and at times down right mean to one another.

Okay……..obviously if I continue to go on, I will be posting one example after another, after another, after another and we all have plenty of our own examples, soooooooooo for today……..instead of trying to do ALL that we know we should do, all that we know IS assisting, uplifting, enlightening and empowering to us, simply CHOOSE just ONE of the infinite number of ways to so DO and DO that ONE. 😀
Tomorrow you can choose a new one.

Ok, I couldn’t resist, here are just a couple of other examples:

~entertain positive thoughts

~be grateFull for that which IS

~exercise your body

~feed your body, mind and soul “good” energy – healthy food, exercise, positive, affirming, uplifting information, meaningFull experiences…

~Breathe Consciously

~Meditate – which can be done through out the day by….breathing consciously, walking consciously, being conscious

~focus on that which is UNSEEN – ‘cuz hahney that’s where all the magic happens and align your own thoughts, energy, perceptions and feelings with that which you desire….just ‘throw caution to the wind’ as it were and allow yourself to BElieve that everything shall indeed BE fabYOUlous for YOU. 😀

~share space with loved ones

~focus on the positive traits of YOU, the things about you that YOU LOVE

What are some or just that special ONE that YOU are going to CHOOSE to focus on today?
Please DO Share. 😀

Radiating LOVE,

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