Life IS a Mystery


?”It’s god’s will”….”it’s for our highest happyness”…..”the universe support us and loves us”…..

Why do we say these things?
Why do we believe in these things?

BEcause Life IS a MYSTERY.

Sure it’s easy enough to connect the dots in retrospect….”because I did this, it led to this and if I was not here and didn’t speak to that person then this would never have come to pass”……?? But when we are in it, living it, how do we know that we should be at place x, speak to person b, take phone call z? How do we know that making choice “a” will bring about “efg”?

We don’t. At least not the majority of we, in our current perceptual state of reality.

Life is a mystery and somehow because we did do “x, y, and/or z”, it did lead to “a, b and/or c” which we are so very greatful for, which altered the course of our lives in ways we could never have imagined.? And when we are not greatful, we are not understanding yet the “why”, we aren’t seeing the big picture, how our “a,b,c” provided for person “y’s” “d, e, f” or provided for us the experience of “l, m, n”……then again, do we ever really- see the exponential affects of our BEingness upon the ALL that IS, ever was or will BE?

And so we say, “It’s god’s will”….”it’s for our highest happyness”…..”the universe supports us and loves us”…..because to think anything other would have each of us with our heads buried so far down in the sand there would be no “a, b, c, x, y, z” or anything else for that matter.

And at the end of the day if believing that we do live in a world that is supporting and loving us gets us through the day, gives us the impetus to carry on, it can’t be a very bad thing…….especially when taking into account the alternative…..n’est ce pas. 😀

***It’s important to note that those times we are the most upset with “what IS” in our lives, when we are resisting what IS, not accepting our current situation it IS often times because we think we know how, what, and why things should be a certain way and they are not…….

…..holding on to what we think we know, when we are but 1 molecule in a sea of billions is a little presumptious……n’est ce pas?

Accepting what IS whether it makes sense to you or not gives you the ability and impetus to “take care of business”….to deal with the situation in whatever way you best possibly can, as opposed to the stagnating alternative of spinning aimlessly in a vortex of negativity.

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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