Let it slide

Which DO YOU CHOOSE to see?

Morals, Ethics, Values….these are ALL individual perceptions which……..mostly learned through socialization……[from our parents, friends, communities, country, etc…] ….guide our emotions.……and thus our responses – sometimes reactions to others.

These can BE about really BIG things like the death sentence for example [which for the record…..ya guessed it….I am NOT a supporter of] to really small things like leaving the toilet seat cover up or down.

Okay sooooo, let’s try something fabYOUlous for today…..

Let’s set aside our morals, ethics, and values at least in so far as they relate to the ‘smaller stuff’ and most especially with those in our intimate circles and CHOOSE NOT to react in any way [uless that way is a response of LOVE] to the ACTions of others as we may deem them to BE “not up to our moral or ethical standards”.

Let’s CHOOSE for today to NOT respond to our negative emotions as they relate to justice – again to make it easier, keep it on the smaller scale things and with those in our intimate circle, and instead CHOOSE to give them- our loved ones the BEnefit of the doubt [ie: they forgot, didn’t consciously mean to…..] as well as being open to allow [not agree…] for their alternate perspectives to our own, and maintain our grace in LOVE.

In other words….NO Nit Pick’n today okay?
Let things slide.

Lemme KNOW how it goes for ya. 😀

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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