It takes two

cycle of abuse

It take TWO to BE in an abusive relationship.
We each have the response ability to CHOOSE to BE or NOT to BE withIN a relationship.
If the relationship YOU are in IS ONE that IS abusive YOU ARE ALLOWing yOUR SELF Loathing to BE manifest physically in a violent manner which IS NOT necessary.

Fears may BE faced calmly, sweetly, smoothly, easily, LOVingly.

**Relationships are in truth gateways to KNOWing SELF. They are avenues by which we may heal, expand, and enlighten those aspects of SELF so requiring towards a transcended state of unconditional self love, and thus love for ALL. We are in relationships with others, exist upon this planet with each other as mirrors unto SELF, so we may see where these “aspects requiring” exist.

There is no need to have to go on a dangerous trek into dismal darkness, pain and suffering to see these “aspects requiring” healing, expanding or enlightening. Healing, expanding and enlightening may ALL occur without having to delve to these depths of despair.

We are by virtue of our beingness, by nature, an empathetic species.
We feel others’ emotions without having to experience them ourselves.
We empathize with others’ suffering and pains without ourselves having to experience them first hand.
This is NOT a lesson we require, it IS part of our very biological make up.

We need not push ourselves to the limits of self-sacrifice to BE the I in ME we LOVE our SELF to BE.

If you are in an abusive relationship you are NOT LOVing Self or your partner. *For those who dispute this fact with a resounding, “I DO LOVE my partner”, I ask you this;

Would you ever choose for anyone to be in a situation where they are not being the “I” in them they LOVE themselves to BE?
Would you ever choose a situation for your partner whom you love so dearly to be in where they are becoming someone they are embarrassed of being, someone they regret being, someone they can not face in their own mirror and see TRUTHFully?

When choosing to stay in an abusive relationship, even if you are not the one doing the abusing, you are making the choice to allow the other to.  You are allowing a portal for their abusive behaviour, [you] for them to be this person they, in all likelihood prefer NOT to see in the mirror.

Does this mean it is your fault they are abusive?
Does this mean that if you ‘break up’ with them they will suddenly stop abusing, that they will not continue and abuse whom ever shows up next.
A resounding, flat out, NO.

However, what you are NOT a party to, [if you are not in a relationship with them, involved with them] you are NOT response able regarding.
On the other hand, what YOU ARE a party to, what you are involved with, when you are in a relationship with another, YOU ARE response able, you DO have choice, as you are participating therein, therefore contributing to the overall existence of the relationship and the situations that arise as a result of its existence in the first place.

You are participating in perpetuating a negatively spiraling vortex of fear NOT LOVE, based upon and within self loathing, comprised of feelings of unworthiness and undeservedness to which no end shall be until YOU make a decision to step out of it, to STOP pARTicipating in your own self sabotaging, self punishing imprisonment, and thus free yOUR SELF to TRUEly experience LOVE.


**If you are in an abusive relationship, PLEASE DO seek out assistance, guidance, support from someONE with the wisdom to so provide.***

Radiating LOVE,

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