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We ARE ONE Global Family

Sooooooo I have heard from a number of individuals to date based upon my vocation in life and my BEingness in general that there is this perception that I never get angry, jealous, sad, anxious, stressed, and any other number of fear based emotions that we are all subject to on a daily basis……not to mention the fear based ACTivities that we pARTicipate within as a result…..[ie: not being as healthy as one can and should be……respecting our physical vessel, providing it the care and nurturing it requires, etc….].

It’s understandable…..

All I DO, share, teach and provide guidance for IS on how to “BE LOVE”…..how not to fall prey to our fear based emotions, etc…..

However……it IS important to NOTE that it IS in fact the complete opposite… ;D
Though I gotta say, better and better and better each and every day, n’est ce pas. 😀

I AM ‘hyper sensitive’ emotionally…….what some call ‘sensitives’, and others ‘extremely empathic’.

I have allways BEen hyper sensitive……extremely empathic to the point that sometimes I am feeling emotions and thinking thoughts that are NOT mine [none really are…thoughts that is…but that’s another topic for another time ?], but someone else’s, someone who I am somehow connected to whether via physical location or simply a connection energetically, who I am simply picking up on, and yet, even so the thoughts and/or emotions are of another’s, at times, because my empathy is sooooo hyper sensitive and therefore powerFull, capable of ‘tuning in’ with such adept precision, I actually think they are mine [my own thoughts and feelings] and therefore own them as such. [indeed, no thought is our own until we choose to own it….]
Ay yi yi
And we all know that our ACTions taken from any consciousness position [love, anger, trust, fear] inspire and stimulate responses of like kind.
And I’m not even getting into the cyclical hormonal releases that run rampant within my own biological and chemical make up, stimulating parts of my brain otherwise embraced in love…..

My life IS dedicated to “BEing LOVE” BEcause the FIRST person I sought out to assist in so BEing was ME. 😀
Ya see?

This is an innate aspect of my inherent make up, true. I was naturally attracted to being love, as are some to creating masterful pieces of art out of cheese. 😉 hee hee
In seeking out ways to assist mySELF, to be the me, I love myself to be, the me I believe I am here to be, to fulfill my personal legend as a radiating light of love for the benefit of all, I obviously found, learned, discovered and received some Amazing insights, information, wisdom, experiences, etc….which, in BEing who I AM- as are most of we, I wanted to share with others to make it easier for them too. 😀

Indeed most of those who are in positions/careers as Conscious Light Weavers are so BEcause of an inherent attraction to so DO for SELF first, on BEhalf of and for the BEnefit of ALL…….as are most of we……driven to learn a vocation BEcause of our own personal interest therein.

One who is drawn to BE of service to humanity, who I lovingly refer to as a Conscious Light Weaver, one who is instinctually directed to provide for the greatest BEnefit of ALL also KNOWs that to so DO must they ensure they are first DOing for SELF, for it IS in BEing the Example that we ultimately provide the greatest we are so able to in service of ALL.

And of course, whatever it is we are focused upon and dedicated to we improve upon.

Every day, with every breath, better and better and better still yet…….exponentially expanding in abundant bliss along our adventurous journey of LOVE’s Light for the BEnefit of ALL.

In Lak’ech Ala K’in

Radiating LOVE,

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