Healing Styles, Transcending Pathways



We can approach our transcendence from a perspective wearing focal glasses pointing out our every fear……OR….we can CHOOSE to put on our glasses whose focal point IS on BEing LOVE…..in our every experience of life.

The 2 have a similar goal.….to heal, harmonize, balance, regenerate, rejuvenate, unite, fine tune, plant seeds, nurture, blossom, BE……..LOVE, BE….Happy, BE Bliss.

1 IS just more direct than the other……more “blissFull” than the other.

1 [choosing to point out our every fear] I DO BElieve IS a ride we journey NOT of necessity [obviously if and when a fear arises- on its own, without us consciously going on a search for it-, it IS best to look at it, not run away, and to so DO through LOVE’s eyes that we may release/transcend it] but out of a false need we feel must be met due to that which we have been taught [through fear based conditioning – focusing on the negatives, thinking through fear instead of LOVE]……NOT that which IS TRUEly required.

That which IS TRUEly required IS simply, BEing LOVE.

Imagine if you will…..in every situation, with every emotions that comes to the surface and makes itSELF known, the good, bad, BEaYOUtyFull and ugly, we CHOOSE to come from LOVE, we choose to BE LOVE, imagine the spontaneous healing, transcendence, fabYOUlous example we are BEing, imagine.

And thus the question and inspection does NOT about facing our fears BEcome but whether or not we are BEing LOVE in any given situation, for in truth that IS the ultimate goal of any healing, transcending, enLIGHTening, life journey.

Same-same but completely different…..


Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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