Healing our Soul Shocks for the BEnefit of ALL


So, I gotta BE honest with ya….I have BEen in a bit of a depressive slump of late….experiencing some hugely consuming and at times deafening and drowning emotions as I have not in some time, and definitely not quite like this BEfore. Everything from straight up depression to complete confusion, enraged anger to absolute unbreathable feelings of loss and mourning.

These feelings I am experiencing are of course tied up with my external circumstances and things that have or have not been actualizing therein.  Still, how one feels about anything IS how one chooses to feel….even that which we deem to BE the worst of the worst is so BEcause we have so labelled it to BE.

Outside of my extreme empathic channelling, which I AM more unconscious of than conscious- when channelling others’ emotions from a distance, [feeling the feelings of others whom I am connected to in some way without having to see, speak or know of anything they may be going through, and often times as a result owning these feelings that are not mine to own….which invariably are revealed to me] the fact IS we are ALL in a time of GREAT HEALing. With great healing MUST we “treat our wounds”…..sometimes, wounds that have BEen lying dormant for years.

We BEgin with Acceptance, leaning into the feelings we are having, facing them with a LOVing Heart instead of running away from them, and finding out why they are there, what message they come with, and move – sometimes very slowly ;D into Gratitude, _(l)_ as am I most DEEPly grrreatFull for ALL of YOU**

It IS TRUE, we need NOT look upon ALL of our wounds, if we simply CHOOSE to “BE LOVE” ALLways.

Of course in our current fear [fight/flight] conditioned world this requires an individual who has BEen PRACTISING “BEing LOVE” diligently – for in so DOing are our wounds healed. 😀

Wherever we have NOT BEen LOVing to SELF IS a “wound”, a “Soul Shock” if you will that until it IS addressed, either by simply CHOOSing to release the negative thoughts and feelings into LOVE’s embrace or by going through a process of understanding the negative thoughts, potentially forgiving self and others, and definitely retraining the brain and realigning the mind into our natural inherent home of the heart’s unconditional LOVE, can keep recurring through out our life times.

It IS that in this NOW, we are ALL BEing given the opportunity – some including mySELF would say, we have ALL CHOSEn to BE here to take this opportunity, to face our Fears LOVingly, to transcend the fear based separation conditioning of our ancestory and usher in a world as it IS meant to BE with ALL of WE living as the ONE Universal Family of LOVE’s Light we are.

And ONEderFully…….we are and we can see evidence of it EVERYWHERE physically manifest.

It IS a journey requiring PATIENCE……remembering that we are realigning our minds back into their hearts where they have NOT resided for THOUSANDS of YEARS……Wow***

That’s quite the Opportunity each of we has CHOSEn to come to our Earth School to experience, for the BEnefit of ALL, n’est ce pas?

This is the journey we are ALL upon……..aligning our Minds withIN LOVE’s Light….ALLOWing our selves to start to see our world, interACT, interpret, respond [NOT react] to our experience of BEingness by BEing our Authentic Selves, BEings of LOVE’s Light, and what a glorious journey it IS.*


Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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