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Okay my LOVElies….let us together take a moment for the BLISSings we have that we have forgotten are BLISSings in the first place…..

For example:

*The fact that we have learned to walk and talk…that [those of us who can…] can walk and talk….

*We can hear and see, taste and touch, interACT multi dimensionally whilst we BE….

*The fact that we ARE in the 1st place…..
WOW** what a MIRACLE that IS…just ask anyONE who has experienced pregnancy and birth….
Each of we BEginning as the eloquently orchestrated meeting of 2 strangers, the intimate sharing between these 2 strangers at the exact right time of the month with the perfect conditions to allow for a 1 in a million chance of YOU BEing conceived. This only to BE mastered by our continual, exponentially expanding growth withIN the body of another human BEing, our mothers, whom through what appears impossible circumstances, a child – each and every ONE of we, comes out into this world a fully functioning BEing.

*The fact that many of we have indoor plumbing and heat….oh and what about air conditioning on a super hot day……

*Tools to easily toil, seed and harvest our earth school to feed our bodies and souls….

*And oh me oh my the LOVEly Earth Angels Divine with whom we get to share this AWEsome experience of BEing with……….

Just simply, WOW****

Indeed there IS much in this ‘moment’ we each may express our gratitude for, n’est ce pas?

So let us, in this NOW, together, send out our personal energetic signatures of gratitude and LOVE for ALL the BEaYOUty, Bliss and Positive Abundance that IS. (l)

**Please make note on this most special day of days, the first time in 26000 years that the 1st Solar Eclipse of our Year 2012, IS aligned both with the New Moon in the constellation of Taurus and withIN the star cluster Paleidian to ensure YOU DO take a moment to express yOUR gratitude for ALL that IS withIN your life as well as ALL that YOU are Welcoming into your experiece of BEingness.

The energy of today IS an AWEsome energy frequency upon which to sail your dreams into manifest, physically [and multi-dimensionally]experienced expression.

In Lak’ech Ala K’in
Radiating LOVE,

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