Getting in Shape

Naturally-Healthy thru love

Getting in Shape – which many of us get much more ‘serious’ about as the summer months come upon us – is NOT about self control and self discipline…...what a limiting and negative place to come from, doncha think???

Getting in Shape, BEing Healthy, living a lifestyle that IS nurturing and caring for Self IS about Self Respect and Self LOVE.

When you are respecting and loving self there is no control or discipline required, you are simply DOing that which IS LOVing, caring, and nurturing, otherwise called “good” for YOU….naturally.

It’s a mind set, an attitude, a perspective which we can ALL adopt [as much as we have BEen ingrained otherwise] with practice, patience and perseverance until eventually it IS as natural as when we first arrived upon our Earth School……before the ingraining, socializing, and conditioning that is…….

Try it out and see how it feels………

You can use this or create your own positively affirming statement to assist you in your quest to BE the YOU, you LOVE yourself to BE. :)

“BEing Healthy IS Respecting mySELF and LOVing mySELF… IS taking care of the only me I have.”

To our naturally occurring health and well being Angels }*{

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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