For the LOVE of Money


?”Money doesn’t buy happyness”……

A common quote, thrown around far too liberally.

Those without money need not the lesson therein, for they KNOW it ALL too well.
There is a common misnomer that those that don’t have money think that with money all of their problems will simply disappear and they will find ever lasting happyness.

This is an insult to those without.

Those without KNOW ALL to well of “making the best” of life, of finding joy in the little things/gifts [really the big ones, like the gift of life itself, family, friends, quality time together, a good meal, etc…..]that life has to offer.
Those without have a propensity to GREATER APPRECIATION for those things that money can not buy.

At the same time,…..
Those without money are also very aware of the things and experiences, living in this current capitalistic world which we DO, that money CAN buy. There is no getting around this fact. There is much that most of the population of this world do NOT get to experience simply BEcause they haven’t the monies to so experience.

Not to mention the FACT that we live in a world where self worth, self-value, admiration, recognition, even how someONE’s intelligence is regarded/judged, are HUGELY dependent upon what’s in their bank accounts.

The media is a kaleidescope of messages telling us that if we don’t have this, that or the other we may as well consider ourselves “losers, failures, lower class citizens”, in the eyes of our global society.

Money may not buy happyness but in today’s world, it buys you a lot of things that without can cause enormous amounts of stress and strain, anxiety and worry, self deprecation that let’s face it, does NOT promote a state of healthy HAPPYness.

So whilst it’s true that money really does not buy happyness, that we CAN and again those without ALLways DO find ways of enJOYing life and BEing Happy regardless, money DOes assist us in our lives, as it IS the basis upon which our lives, our resources- natural and otherwise, in other words, ALL necessitites for life itSELF are dependent……ya can’t buy food for your family without what to buy it with, n’est ce pas……

ALL this to say, perhaps this quote should NOT BE thrown around so thoughtlessly– or so incompletely….without appropriate explanation thereof, including the appropriate investigation into the system we currently exist upon and in fact, rely upon for our very survival, one that regardless of this easily thrown about quote, should BE reassessed for healthier alternatives for the WHOLE.
Just say’n…..

Blossoming Abundance Blissings to ALL

In the interim, for those wanting/needing more money, it IS important to keep in mind that money is but another form of energy which we ALL are.
Money itSELF is NOT evil, bad or for that matter good…it IS as IS energy…..neutral.
As a result, How we think about and regard money itself has much to DO with that which we are receiving. What energy frequencies are you emitting regarding money?

Again, money in and of itself is NOT a bad thing……in fact it comes from our treasured mother nature, trees.

It is what people CHOOSE to DO [or NOT do] with money that is “good or bad”.

Soooooo, for those without, instead of seeing money as evil or some other form of negative, BEgin to see the positive things that YOU CAN DO with money, that YOU would DO with money and the positive things that others who DO have money ARE DOing with it.

Associating the negative actions of those with money with the money they have IS also a misnomer……..

There are a plethora of individuals who have enormous amounts of money and have dedicated their lives to DO Amazing things BEcause they are in a position that ALLOWs them to so DO, and, BEcause they are simply put, “good people”.

In other words those who do “bad” things would DO “bad” things with or without money, just on different scales, and those that do “good” things DO good things with or without money….again, just on different scales.

Soooooooo welcome the energy of positive/good abundance, positive resources, money into your life, by placing yourself into a position of gratitude and LOVE. 😀 ~*?*~

BLISSings sent forth to ALL of WE to BE living a life of comfort, ease and joy in accord to that which we define to BE “comfort, ease and joy” for ourselves individually. 😀 _(l)_

Namaste. _(l)_
Radiating LOVE,

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