Don’t Hold On

do not hold on so you can let go

?”It isn’t what happens that causes us to suffer;it’s what we say to ourselves about what happens.”~Pema Chodron


Look for the Positive Perspective of LOVE & Gratitude in ALL.

Do NOT “hold on”, as my starry soul twin siStar Aline Ohannessian says, to yOUR fears.

Do not ‘hold on’ to preconceived notions of what YOU BElieve ‘should’ BE, to the specifics, details of ‘how’ you think something should manifest, to yOUR learned conditioned judgments, interpretations, and associations.

In not holding on we are able to let go of the constraints we place upon ourselves and others and thus are we able to BE open to the infinite ONEders of LOVE’s Light that are.*****

Blissedly BE,
Radiating LOVE,

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