Conscious Communication

Healthy Communication

We ALL have negative thoughts…….

We ALL have thoughts that we ourselves would rather NOT have, thoughts that make us feel uncomfortable, that we think are horrible.
Thing IS……we need NOT share these thoughts.

Conscious Communication……..

CHOOSing what, how, when and with whom we share our inner thoughts…and which among them we choose to share, IS communicating Consciously.

Going even further BEyond this or more aptly stated BEfore this, to which among the thoughts passing through our consciousness we choose to own IS…..Conscious Communication with SELF.

Indeed, conscious communication with SELF IS the most important interpersonal relationship we can commit to consciously communicating withIN both for self and for the BEnefit of ALL others.

YES, it IS true, we CAN CHOOSE to NOT OWN the negative thoughts passing through our mind’s eye, the negative feelings accosting our BEingness and Choose instead to observe them, hear them, and then release them into the loving, understanding, compassionate embrace of LOVE. We can make the choice to use these negative thoughts and feelings as impetus for healing and thus transcendence, seeing them as signals of places within us where we are not loving self and thus Opportunities to so DO.  In so DOing we are then able to, with greater ease and comfort, focus our mind’s eye upon thoughts of LOVE.

And make no mistake, the more we make this choice, the more we use these negatives as bridges to positives, the more often we choose to NOT act from these thoughts and feelings, the more we choose LOVE, we choose to BE LOVE, the easier and easier and easier it DOes get, even in the face of the most brutal of negative feelings we may face.

Sending forth blissings of LOVE’s Light, of the ability to choose to ALLways act from LOVE Consciousness in comfort, ease and joyFullness, of Conscious Communication with self and ALL others, to each and every one of YOU, ALL~ways.***

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE

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Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein, Roni.   Roni has been providing Holistic Life Coaching including Therapy, Fitness Programs/Training and Nutritional Consultation for nearly 18 years. To arrange your one-on-one session with Roni »» Get in Touch TODAY «« Follow us on Twitter: @radiate | @ArtWave | @BeingLoveTV

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